Gold necklace with pendant

A gold chain with a pendant is a classic piece of jewellery. It looks stylish, and you have endless choices of pendants allowing you to create any look you want. We also think a gold pendant is the perfect place to carry a loved one with you.

For example, choose a necklace with your children’s initials to carry them close to your heart. Or create a necklace with symbols of meaning, to commemorate a (lost) loved one. The possibilities are endless, as many of our gold pendants can be personalised.

So with a gold necklace with pendant by Minitials, you wear a piece of jewellery with a story. This jewellery will retain its meaning forever, giving you years of pleasure.

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Pendants for gold chains

In our wide range, you will find all kinds of pendants for necklaces in gold. For instance, our Sparkle Snake necklaces are subtle bars in which you can place texts, fingerprints or heartbeats of loved ones. The necklace is a bit longer (49 cm), and its rectangular shape makes it fun to combine with other necklaces.

The pendants from our Key To My Heart collection are a bit smaller in size, giving them a beautiful minimalist look. The keys are available with symbols, diamonds or initials. The fine size of the keys also allows you to combine several charms without giving it too striking a look.

Do you prefer sparkling diamonds? Then our Connecting The dots necklace is suitable. Several gold-coated diamonds make a letter or symbol of your choice. Depending on the letter or symbol you choose, the pendant will consist of between 7 and 16 diamonds. You can also choose from white or black diamonds and a casing of yellow, white or rose gold.

The craftsmanship of our goldsmiths

A dedicated team of craftsmen and women make your gold chain pendant. In this, attention to detail is of paramount importance to us. All jewellery is made by hand, so our eye for beauty is reflected in each piece.

The highest quality gold

We only use gold of the highest quality for our jewellery. All our gold is hallmarked and therefore has received a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This is a guarantee office that checks precious metals on the Dutch market.

Thanks to the gold hallmark, you can be sure that your gold pendant necklace is of high quality. As a result, you will enjoy it for years to come!


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