Gold necklace without pendant

A gold necklace without pendant has a minimalist look and is beautiful to combine with other necklaces, to complement with Minitials charms of your choice or simply to wear as a stand-alone necklace.

With a gold chain without pendant, the details are important. After all, these determine how the necklace looks. Our gold chains are handmade by our goldsmiths to meet your exact wishes.

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Attention to detail by our goldsmiths

All our jewellery is handmade by our goldsmiths. In doing so, they have an eye for beauty, putting the finest details into your gold necklace without pendant.

Because our necklaces are handmade to order, it is usually not possible to return them. This is explicitly stated per product.

Pendant-free gold chains for every style

We have a wide choice for a gold necklace for women without pendant. For example, our Fresh necklace is a real statement piece. The yellow gold chain has large links, making it a great attention-grabber. You can make the Verse necklace more personal by choosing between our Minitials charms.

Do you prefer more subtle necklaces? Then our Signature necklace will catch your eye. The necklace has very small links, giving it a minimalist look, especially when combined with the Signature charms.

The size of the links in our Bicolour chain are in between the Fresh and Signature chain. As a result, they stand out a bit more, but are not over the top. At 60 cm long, the necklace is a bit longer than the other necklaces and has a nice, white gold touch. This makes it easy to combine with other jewellery.

Combine the most beautiful necklaces

Combining necklaces gives you a playful and elegant look.

Our Spheres Choker is perfect for combining because it hangs very high on your neck. We make this necklace for you by the cm, so that it fits exactly to your neck and the desired height. The choker is made of small, textured gold beads, making it perfect for a night out or everyday glamour.

Another necklace for a night out is our Poetry necklace. Available in yellow gold and rose gold, this necklace can be adorned with a variety of Minitials charms of your choice. At 45 cm long, this necklace also hangs a bit higher on your neck.

If you are looking for a long necklace, our Mesh necklace is suitable. It is 60 cm long and thus hangs beautifully low in your neck/decolleté. The design is special: the links are extremely close together, so there are almost no holes between them. This creates a special look. With this necklace, you choose a yellow gold, rose gold or white gold necklace without a pendant for an elegant look.

A gold chain without a pendant you will never want to take off again

You would prefer to wear your gold chain without pendant all the time. Our jewellery is therefore made to be worn every day, on every occasion. That is why we have only selected high-quality materials, such as 18-carat solid gold.

Our jewellery always bears the gold hallmark of Waarborg Holland. This assures you that the gold is of good quality. So it is an extra guarantee that you can enjoy your gold necklace without pendant for years to come.


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