Engraved necklaces

A necklace with engraving is a special and personal gift. The possibilities with engraving are endless. Incorporate initials of your children in a gold chain or carry words or names of loved ones with you forever. We customise our elegant necklaces with your personal message or meaning.

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Necklace engraving

The most precious necklaces have a personal story. These engravable necklaces have an extra charge and feel special to wear. That’s why you can personalise almost all our necklaces with an engraving, among other things.

For example, you can incorporate a loved one’s fingerprint into a necklace, as well as the heartbeat or the name of special people in your life.

Most necklaces from Minitials can be engraved on both sides. This means you can wear the necklace both ways, with a different engraving on each side. Combine between names, drawings or heartbeats and create the personalised necklace of your dreams.

Engraved necklace models

Our Sparkle Snake necklace is an elegant and minimalist model. The focus is entirely on the engraving, making your loved one’s name stand out the most. The necklace has a length of 49 cm and can be engraved on both sides. There is also a possibility of ash setting.

Another elegant engravable name necklace is our Lucky Lux necklace. This model has no less than 3 bars, allowing you to place an engraving in 3 places. You can even opt for 6 spots by engraving both sides. This gives room for more names or important symbols on your jewellery.

Another choice is our One of a Kind charm for on a necklace. This round charm with a diameter of 19mm offers space for your text or image. This is how you immortalise your best memories.

Personalise your necklace

Thanks to a variety of personalisation options, you can make your engraved necklace truly unique. Choose between no fewer than seven elegant fonts for the text or symbols, or go for a handwritten text.

The necklaces are available with different pendants and you also have choices in the finish. with a shiny gold finish creates a sophisticated look while with a matt finish you create a tougher necklace. This is a matter of taste.

Whatever choices you make, thanks to Minitials you create a unique gold engravable necklace with a story. Which the recipient can carry with them for years to come!

Excellent quality from Minitials

The engravable necklaces in our shop are made with only the best materials. For example, they are made of 18-carat solid gold and have a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

Our goldsmiths have attention to detail and an eye for beauty, and make all products by hand in the Netherlands.


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