At Minitials you will find the finest jewellery with a story, whether you are looking for simplicity, authenticity or personalisation, we create each piece of jewellery with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. Of course, we always keep an eye on the current as well as the latest trends so that we can always let you experience the best stylish, timeless and subtle jewellery.

All beautiful jewellery from Minitials

Are you looking for the best place to buy jewelry online to complete your new outfit? Or are you looking for a gold necklace so you can perfectly show off your style to the world? Jewelry completes your outfit, at Minitials we understand that all too well. Every piece of jewelry can therefore be personalized to your liking so you can capture your personal memories and moments forever.

Ladies jewelry

At Minitials there is an extensive selection of women’s jewelry in the webshop and flagship store. Your favorite jewelry should not be missing in your different outfits and looks, sometimes you want a classic look, while sometimes you want to create a tough or robust look.

In the range of women’s jewelry from Minitials you will find necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and charms. We create jewelry with a story and attention to detail, so take a quick look at all the jewelry and find out which looks best on you!

Gold jewelry

Are you looking for the perfect gold jewelry? Then you have come to the right place at Minitials. In the gold jewelry collection of Minitials you will find necklaces, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and charms that meet the latest trends.

Minitials’ jewelry is made from the highest quality materials, such as 18 carat gold and the best quality diamonds, and all include a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

Personalized jewelry

Immortalize your greatest moments and memories with personalized jewelry from Minitials. All jewelry is handmade from 18 karat solid gold and can be personalized with letters or symbols that have meaning for you. Think for example of a necklace with your own initial and/or the initials of your loved ones.

A personalized piece of jewelry is also extremely suitable to give as a gift on a birthday or on special days such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. Also, this type of jewelry also suits some life moments to give extra thought.

For example, necklaces with initials are often given as birth jewelry so that moms can carry their babies’ initials close to their hearts forever. Or how about a necklace with your lover’s initial to celebrate your love? Get inspired and check out our shop, or drop by the Flagship store in Eindhoven.

Timeless jewelry

Whether you are looking for gold jewelry, women’s jewelry, personal jewelry, bracelets or earrings, at Minitials we have attention to detail and an eye for quality. We have an extensive collection of timeless, different types of jewelry made from the highest quality materials, such as diamonds of the finest quality and 18 carat solid gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you still have questions about your potential new piece of jewelry, we can imagine with such a special and expensive purchase. To get you started we have listed the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact our customer service or check out our frequently asked questions page.

Why buy jewelry from Minitials?

All Minitials jewelry is handmade by a team of dedicated artisan women and men. We create each piece of jewelry with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty.

Although not everyone on our team makes the products with their own hands, they too are of great value in keeping our service, values and quality high. From product to packaging, to service and contact.

Together we create the total experience we call ”MINITIALS, a jewelry brand full of love”. Instantly check out all the options to buy the perfect jewelry? Then check out our shop, or make a personal appointment at the Minitials Flagship store Monday through Saturday so we can lovingly advise you.

Where can I view Minitials jewelry in real life?

If you are curious how a Minitials piece of jewelry looks like in real life or if you are not sure about the size you are welcome in the Minitials Flagship store in Eindhoven (in walking distance from the train station in Eindhoven or paid parking in front of the door). In addition, our selected dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland carry a large part of the Minitials jewelry collection.

Can I have my jewelry engraved?

Yes, at Minitials we believe in personal and stylish jewelry so you can show who you are as a person. With love and attention to detail we engrave your jewelry in our own workshop, by our own goldsmith.

Can I have my jewelry personalized?

Yes, we believe in beautiful jewelry with a story, each piece is handmade in the Netherlands with the best materials. With our 3D configurator you can fully personalize jewelry from the Signature of Æon collection, this is also possible with the Sparkle Snake necklace. All Minitials jewelry is handmade on order especially for you. Personalized products can therefore not be returned. This is explicitly stated with each product.

What is the shipping method for my jewelry?

We ship our packages in the Netherlands with PostNL and internationally with DHL for you. The Five extra cords and gift certificates under €50 are sent twice a week with letterbox mail.

What happens once I have ordered jewelry?

Once you have placed an order for a new piece of jewelry, the Minitials team will lovingly work the next business day to process your order and deliver it to you as quickly as possible. If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you at the phone number or email address provided.

What is the processing time for most jewelry?

The processing time for jewelry varies by product. You can find the processing time for each piece of jewelry in the “shipping” section. Team Minitials always starts processing your order the next business day.

For example: If you want to order a Signature jewelry and we receive your order on Monday evening, we will start processing your order on Tuesday. If a goldsmith is present and the parts are in stock, we can make this product on Tuesday and ship it on Tuesday, so your jewelry will be delivered to your home by the carrier on Wednesday.

What is the delivery time for jewelry at Minitials?

Of course you immediately want to know how quickly your new jewelry will be shipped by Minitials. We do not have an unequivocal answer to that because the delivery time differs per collection. Our most popular jewelry usually comes with the following delivery times:

  • Benji: 2-4 business days
  • Signature: 2-4 working days

Can I return my Minitials jewelry?

All Minitials jewelry is handmade on order especially for you. Personalized products can therefore not be returned. This is explicitly stated with each product. There are some exceptions; the jewelry listed below can be returned up to 14 days after receipt.

  • Additions (except Laser engraving, From Satin to Chain)
  • Chain of love jewelry
  • Charmed jewelry
  • Mesh jewelry
  • Poetry jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Charms without engraving or memorial
  • Benji Collection


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