New: Pavé Collection

”Often imitated never duplicated… until now… but we added diamonds”

Long desired and now after 11 years it finally became reality. Our famous signature alphabet with sparkling pavé diamonds.

How it started

Right after our 10th anniversary we opened up our new studio in which we produce our beautiful jewelry from idea to reality.
This new studio offered the opportunity to realize a long desired item a pavé version of our initials and then slightly bigger. To make it even more special, all our initials have a cavity in the back. This cavity can be filled with ashes or other memorials that fit into it. We are over the moon and super proud of our fantastic team!

Minitials One Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Two Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Three Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Pavé Initials

From: 309,00

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