Earrings with letters

Some people leave an everlasting impression on our lives. Of course, you always carry these people with you in your heart. With earrings with letters, you can also carry them physically with you. Such a personal piece of jewellery is unique, and thanks to the meaning, you will wear it with feeling for years to come.

Our earrings with letters are handmade by our goldsmiths in the Netherlands. With an eye for detail and attention to beauty, they create the most beautiful earrings with letter, which you will enjoy for years to come. In our collection, you will find earrings with letters in different styles. This way, you can choose which earrings with initial suit you best!

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Immortalise your loved ones in gold

Commemorate lost loved ones or wear a special reference to an important person in your life thanks to earrings with letters. Of course, you can also incorporate the first letter of your own name into earrings.

Our One Signature Earring is a classic example of letter earrings. The earrings are about 5 mm high, giving a subtle look. Choose your favourite initials, numbers or symbols. There are several symbols to choose from. It is also possible to create a customised symbol for your earring with initial. Contact us to discuss your requirements and the possibilities.

The ONE Signature earrings are made of 18-carat solid gold and available in white, rose or yellow gold. Please note that we sell this earring by the piece. This also allows you to combine two different letters or symbols. The earrings are made to order. Therefore, please allow for a processing time of two working days.

For a radiant look

Our Blend Earring is similar to the ONE Signature Earring, with one big difference: the Blend Earring contains a white diamond. This provides an extra sparkle. The location of the diamond differs for each letter and symbol.

On request, it is also possible to place a black diamond in this earring. You can also choose between a shiny or matt finish, for a pair of earrings with letters that suit your exact taste. The Blend earring is sold individually and has a processing time of two working days.

Our ÆON Diamond Letter Earring is ideal for those looking for sparkling letter earrings. The earring is pavé set with white diamonds and an initial of your choice. The white (F-VS) diamonds are of 0.04 ct. Furthermore, like all our other jewellery, the earring is gold hallmarked by Waarborg Holland.

Please note that the ÆON Diamond Letter Earring is sold individually. This also allows you to wear two different initials as a set of earrings. The ÆON Diamond Letter Earring has a processing time of 20 working days. Please keep that in mind when placing an order!

A personal gift

Surprise your mother, daughter or friend with personalised earrings! This way, you give beautiful jewellery as a gift, which also has an emotional meaning. You will receive the earrings with letters in a beautiful box, which immediately makes a nice gift wrapping. You choose the colour of the box yourself.

Because the earrings with letters are made of high-quality materials, the recipient will be able to enjoy your gift for years to come. That’s another great gift for special people in your life!

Earrings with letters and chain

Our Blend Earring and One Signature earrings are also available with chain. This means there is a small chain attached to the earring. This chain is 23 mm long and made in your chosen colour of gold (white, rose or yellow gold). Of course, the earrings with chain, just like all our other jewellery, have a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

An earring with chain has a tough look, and is therefore very popular. The chain earrings are sold individually. You can therefore also choose to wear one earring with and one without chain. We make the earrings to your order. Therefore, take into account a processing time of two working days and a shipping time of 1 to 2 working days (in the Netherlands).

Earrings with letter of the highest quality

To ensure that your earrings continue to shine for years to come, we make them from high-quality materials. Thus, we use 18 carat solid gold in all our initial earrings and other jewellery. This gold has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland, guaranteeing you quality. The gold hallmark shows that our jewellery meets the legal Dutch requirements and guidelines regarding precious metals.

All our jewellery is handmade by a team of dedicated artisans. This process centres on attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. Each earring with initial is made to order. It is therefore possible to include all your preferences and wishes in the process.

Do you have special wishes? Then contact us or drop by our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Together we will discuss all possibilities, so you can create the earring with letter you dream of.

Customers rate us with a 9+!

We have already created a lot of beautiful jewellery with a story for our customers. On average, they rate us with a 9+. You can read the experiences and special stories of our customers on our website.

As all jewellery is made to order, it is not possible to return in most cases. Do you have any questions or doubts about your order? Our customer service is ready to discuss all your wishes regarding your jewellery and initial earring. You can reach our customer service from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00.

You are also welcome to drop by our Flagship store in Eindhoven. To help you in the best possible way, we ask you to make an appointment. This can easily be done via our website. Our shop is located at walking distance from Eindhoven railway station. It is also possible to park in front of the door (paid).


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