Bracelets with letters

The letters of your name or the initials of an important family member: a bracelet with letters lets you carry your loved ones close to you.

Our bracelets with letters are made of 18-carat solid gold. We also have bracelets with gold charms and satin bands in a colour of your choice. Personalise your bracelet with letters or create a unique gift for someone else!

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Gold bracelet with letters

For a bracelet with letters, gold is an excellent choice. After all, this material shines tremendously, and has an elegant appearance. Our gold bracelets and charms are all made of 18-carat solid gold, including a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. Furthermore, you have the choice between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, allowing you to make the bracelet especially to your taste.

Our Signature bracelets contain beautiful, subtle charms with letters. At 5 mm high, the letters are elegant details to brighten up your outfit. Most symbol charms contain an ash chamber, making it possible to incorporate the ashes of a lost loved one into our initial bracelets.

Incorporate your letters into a geometric shape with our Exagoni bracelets. The hexagonal plate offers space for up to 4 letters or symbols and has a powerful look. It is also possible to choose a bracelet with a name and can even engrave it into the bracelet.

Satin bracelet with golden letters

In our bracelets collections you will find all kinds of specimens with golden letters and a satin band. Satin is a shiny material that is very flexible and durable, making it ideal for bracelets. Also, gold charms stand out even more when the band is satin.

We use 2 mm satin cords in a variety of colours. When ordering, you will receive a knotted satin cord and two spare satin cords. An example of a satin bracelet with letters is our Oval One signature bracelet. Here, the chosen letters are elegantly incorporated into a golden oval.

Can’t decide which initials you’d like to wear on your bracelet? In our Round Three Signature bracelet, it is possible to incorporate up to three initials into one charm. This allows you to incorporate them into one piece of jewellery, and you don’t have to choose! You can also alternate the initials with meaningful symbols.

Jewellery with a story for every style

With all the options and personal choices, you can create a bracelet with letters to suit your taste. Are you a fan of charms to brighten up your jewellery? Then take a look at our special collection of charm bracelets.

For instance, the Benji satin bracelets are great for those who are fans of round charms. On these charms, letters (or numbers/symbols) are processed in gold around the charm. There is also a choice of a Benji diamond bracelet, where pavé-set diamonds are placed around the charm.

With the Little Disc bracelet, you incorporate one initial on a beautiful little gold plate. Besides letters or initials, you can also incorporate symbols or memorials into the bracelet. The disc is available in three sizes, so it is also possible to choose a larger charm and initial.

A bracelet with letter is a personalised gift

Has your friend or family member recently lost an important person in his/her life? A bracelet with initials of the lost loved one is then a wonderful gesture. The recipient can thus always contribute her love for this person. A piece of jewellery with feeling is a gift your friend, mother, sister or niece will greatly appreciate!

Bracelets with letters are also a nice gift to celebrate your special bond. For example, gift a friendship bracelet with your initials, or make a mother-daughter bracelet with the letters of your first names and a meaningful symbol. Personalised jewellery makes very nice gifts to receive, which the recipient will wear for years to come.


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