Christmas 2022

What is a wonder? Everything has it’s wonders. Even sadness and silence. Therefore we must learn to be watchful and gratified. A gentle word, a kind look or a friendly smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles. One thing they all have in common is that every wonder is filled with luck and love…

Minitials Snow Globe (from 6 Dec)

Look mommy it’s snowing! Who can still hear themselves say it, enchanted by the wonder of snowfall. Something magical for children because in the blink of an eye the world becomes a white winter wonderland.

In the spirit of recreating this memory with your loved ones you will receive a Minitials Snow Globe** from order placed the 6th to 24th of December.

We think it is important that you receive your order in time for Christmas. In order to guarantee delivery, we will be on the road this year with our Minitials dedicated drivers from December 20th to 24th to deliver all your packages in time for Christmas*.

*Only for the Netherlands (main land) and Flanders. Gift vouchers under €50 are not delivered by courier but sent by letterbox mail. You will also receive the gift voucher code in the confirmation of your order.

**The Minitials Snow Globe will be automatically added to your order when you spend a minimum €289,-.  There is a maximum of one snow globe per order. Available until stock lasts. 

Lucky Leaf Collection

”Four leaves for luck and love”

A special collection to emphasize and celebrate the ones that bring you luck and love. It might seem a little but odd to launch a four leaf clover collection in the middle of winter but think about it, how rare is it to find a clover in the snow… double the luck! Our Lucky Leafs can be worn as a satin bracelet or charm on your favorite necklace, charm bracelet or earring. Who will make it to your lucky leaf?

Final order data

Keep an eye on the delivery time of the different collections and order no later than;

Monday December 12th 09.00 am
– Æon
– Jubilee
– Tokens of Love Vertical Diamonds
– The Hedge

Monday December 19th 09.00 am
– Benji Blocks
– Pavé
– Circle of Love
– Connecting Dots
– Entangle
– Exagoni
– Flag
– Oblique
– Off Spring Starfish
– Signet
– Tokens of Love (Vertical Edge, Extra love, Horizontal Edge)
– Unity
– Your Heart Is My Home
– Laser Engravings
– Token of love Zodiac
– Lucky Leaf

Friday December 23rd 09.00 am
– Benji
(excluding Benji Block en Benji XL)
– Charmed
– Hoops
– Key to my heart
– Signature
– Sparkle Snake
– Tokens of Love (excluding Vertical Diamonds, Vertical Edge, Extra love and Zodiac)
– Unchained

You can still order these products online on December 23rd from 09:00 am and December 24 to pick them up in person in our store in Eindhoven, delivery is then no longer possible.


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