Rings with fingerprint

A fingerprint ring is a piece of jewelry that embraces your most treasured memories and captures them forever. This while wearing a subtle symbol of love and intimacy.

It is therefore an ideal piece of jewelry to carry your loved ones close to you. Thereby, the rings can be personalized entirely as you wish, making it one of the most personal jewelry.

Minitials Fingerprint Disc Ring

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Minitials Signature Blend Ring


Minitials Signature Ring


Minitials Fingerprint Circle Of Love Ring

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Minitials Entangle Ring


Minitials Fold Signet Ring


Minitials Insert Signet Ring


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A personalized ring with fingerprint

There is something magical about owning a piece of jewelry made just for you, with all the details you could wish for. A personalized fingerprint ring adds an extra dimension, because you literally always carry the print of a loved one with you.

What is also special is that the ring has an elegant look as it is made of 18 carat solid gold. Choose the desired color of gold (yellow gold, white gold or rose gold) and create a beautiful, personalized ring with fingerprint.

Different options for the perfect perfect fingerprint ring

For those looking for fingerprint rings, there are a number of great options available. Our collection offers a wide choice of rings, with different sizes and widths to suit everyone’s needs.

Why is a fingerprint ring a unique gift?

Processing fingerprints in a piece of jewelery is of course very special. Many people have already engraved a ring in the past, and that is for a reason. This way you can always carry a deceased loved one close to you.

It is often thought that fingerprint jewelery is only used to honor a deceased person, but this is not always the case. A ring with a fingerprint is also very often composed with the imprint of children, grandchildren or life partners.

A ring with a loved one’s fingerprint can be an incredibly special gift to give. The beauty of such a gift is that it has a personal and unique character. By engraving a ring with a fingerprint, you create a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that the recipient will cherish forever.

Why is a gold fingerprint ring so special?

If you have chosen to give yourself a fingerprint ring, there are of course all kinds of personalization options. We always use 18 carat solid gold, you can choose from different types of gold, namely white, rose and yellow gold.

Personalize rings, entirely according to your own wishes

If you have a beautiful ring in mind for a print, you can personalize the ring entirely according to your own wishes. This way you will always find a copy that suits your personal wishes.

Choose the right ring size, it is important that you buy a well-fitting ring that you can always wear. We are happy to help you determine the correct ring size. You can visit our Flagship store in Eindhoven for this. You can also order our ringsizer online.


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