Diamond rings

Elegant and timeless, diamond rings are known for their beautiful shine and perfect symmetry. The hardness of diamonds makes for an indestructible piece of jewellery, making it perfect for immortalising a treasured memory. Our diamond ring collection is all about love: thanks to a variety of options, you can personalise your Minitials ring into a piece of jewellery with a story. This way, you will always carry your loved one, children or loved ones with you.

All our rings are made of the highest quality diamonds (F-VS) and 18 carat solid gold, including gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

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Diamond rings for every moment

Diamond rings are often associated with a special moment in your life. Think diamond engagement rings, for example, but also an anniversary, birthday or commemoration. Diamonds are cut with love and time into a beautifully shining stone, making for breathtaking jewellery and special gifts.

With a Minitials diamond ring, you can carry every special moment in your life close to your heart forever. Are you looking for a real eye-catcher? Then the sparkling diamonds in our The Hedge collection of rings are just what you’re looking for. In contrast, you will find rings with a minimalist look in our Exagoni collection.

Especially for you

We make your diamond ring to order, allowing us to meet all your wishes. Personalise your ring with initials, special symbols and numbers with meaning. There are also options for engraving a fingerprint or special text, for example. With all these options, together we will create a Minitials diamond ring that fits your life and wishes exactly.

For example, you can beautifully incorporate initials into the rings of our ÆON collection. The elegant look of the diamond rings combined with an initial create a beautiful ring with a story. Are you looking for a more subtle design? Then incorporate your initials into the minimalist rings from the Entangle or Baby Entangle collection.

To make sure the ring size is right, we recommend dropping by our Minitials Flagship store in Eindhoven. Here we give personal advice directly, so you are assured of a well-fitting diamond ring. While doing so, you can consult our ring size chart or use the Minitials ring sizer.

Perfect quality

All our jewellery is handmade from high-quality materials. For example, we use only the highest quality diamonds (F-VS) for our rings in white, black or champagne. Furthermore, the rings are made of 18-carat solid gold, bearing a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This ensures perfect quality and long-lasting jewellery.

Freedom of design

Nothing is as personal as jewellery. That’s why we give you complete freedom in the design of our diamond rings. Of course you choose the colour of the diamond in the ring (white, black or champagne). Unfortunately, there is no possibility to choose your own finish with a diamond, this is only possible with initials and symbols. The ring with diamond is available in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Of course, you can also combine with the most beautiful colours!

Thanks to the freedom in shapes and colours, we can make every detail according to your wishes. Thus, together we create a diamond ring to represent a special moment.

Diamond ring as a gift

A diamond ring remains a classic in the jewellery box. It is therefore also a unique gift with which you will undoubtedly please every important woman in your life. In our wide range, you will find small and larger diamond rings made of high-quality material, such as 18 carat solid gold.

Browse our collections and choose a model that suits you best, then personalise it by adding engraving, for example. That way you give a diamond ring gift full of love that can be worn for years to come.


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