A loving memory

Memorial means something else for everyone. The most important part of a memorial is keeping the memory of our loved ones alive. Capture life and all the special moments forever in a piece of jewellery from Minitials in solid 18 karat gold.

To remember your loved one, but mostly to always keep him or her close, Minitials has designed different types of jewellery. You can put a fingerprint on a bar necklace or bracelet or fill the back of a Signature symbol with ashes.


Engravement of a (handwritten) text, initial, symbol or heartbeat are included in the price. For the laser engraving of a fingerprint we ask an additional price. You can order this type of engraving in the Flagship store in Eindhoven or in the webshop.


A fingerprint is unique and it’s one of the few aspects of our physhiology that doesn’t change troughout our life. Minitials jewellery with fingerprints are made to last a lifetime. The engraving is put deep into the solid gold, so this can’t fade. A laser engraving of a fingerprint is the perfect way to keep the memory of your loved ones alive.

Ash filling

Every symbol of the Minitials Signature collection has a chamber in the back. This chamber can be filled with ash or other remembrance pieces (f.e. hair of sand from a special location). Because the filling of ash is a special occasion, we only perform this on appointment in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. You can make an appointment or you can contact us if you’re looking for more information. We are happy to help you.

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We enjoy giving each customer personal attention. We like to take the time for this and maintain all necessary security measures, which is why we still work by appointment. If you come without an appointment, you will be asked to schedule an appointment via our online agenda. We will maintain this agenda for the time being.

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