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Personalised jewellery

Because all Minitials products are handmade and produced especially for you, returning of products is not possible.

There are a few products that are personalised but can be returned within 14 days as a gesture:
Additions without engraving or memorials (except for the Laser Engraving, Giftcard, From Satin to Chain)
Signature necklaces without engraving or memorials
Oblique necklaces
Chain of love necklace
Charmed necklace
Mesh necklace
Poetry necklace
Earrings without engraving or memorials
Charms without engraving or memorials
Benji bead collection

When in doubt, check the product for the return policy.

If you want to return any of the above stated products, you can send an e-mail to or visit our Flagship Store in Eindhoven (contact).

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Minitials  Store Appointments

Due to the lockdown, our store is closed for physical appointments. But you can schedule an appointment to (video) call us or visit our shop to repair a piece of jewellery.

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