Material & Product Care

We are proud of our craftmanship & want to share some details about the materials we use.

Solid 18 k gold

All of our jewellery is made of 18k solid yellow, white, or rose gold. Minitals jewellery is made to wear every day and on every occasion. Put your Minitials on and never take it off. 18k white and rose gold has a base of yellow gold. White gold has a layer of white rhodium, to give the product extra shine. When wearing a white gold or rose gold product, the yellow gold color can begin to show over time, this is a natural process. When this happens, we can rhodinate your piece of jewellery for you. You can order this within the Reparation Form. The costs of this are €45 and free of charge within our Warranty term.

Satin Cord Bracelets

Our bracelets are made of premium satin cords. The cords are very durable, but because it’s a fabric product you must exchange this every once in a while. You can shop the cords via our webshop and we will send them to you for €2 per cord. Do you have a spare cord and want to exchange the cord yourself? Visit our How to tie the knot page!

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