The Strength of Motherhood

Motherhood as a talisman – an enchanting force that transforms a woman’s life the moment she becomes a mother.

An unconditional love that is strengthened by courage and resilience. The Talismom can move mountains and overcome obstacles because the love for her child provides her with the strength and determination needed to face the challenges of motherhood.

We mothers are constantly learning from our children. Our intuition is strengthened and our patience is tested. Compassion and empathy are enhanced as we care for these little humans. In difficult times, we are there for comfort when our children are sad and encouragement when our children are afraid.

This wisdom is often passed down from generation to generation making motherhood a timeless and eternal talisman that symbolizes the power of the maternal line.

Motherhood as a talisman is a source of strength and inspiration, a symbol of unconditional love and a lifelong source of strength for women all over the world.

With motherhood as inspiration, we have created a design to honor this talismom. It symbolizes the feminine path of life with the moon emphasizing feminine power and energy.

Minitials Talismom Small Disc Satin Bracelet


Minitials Talismom Middle Disc Satin Bracelet



Initials from our beautiful Signature collection set with sparkling diamonds. Or your children’s full names around your neck. Or… do you dare to honor yourself and choose your own initial or name?

Minitials Scripted Necklace

From: 678,00

Minitials One Signature Necklace

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Minitials Pavé Initial Ring

From: 599,00

Minitials Two Signature Round Satin Bracelet


Minitials One Pavé Oval Initial Satin Bracelet

From: 509,00

Minitials One Pavé Necklace

From: 409,00
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Minitials One Benji Satin Bracelet


Minitials Three Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00


Keep a close eye on the delivery time of the various products and order at the latest:

FRIDAY April 28th 15.00 h
– Æon
– Jubilee
The Hedge
Token of Love Vertical Diamonds

MONDAY May 8th 09.00 h
– Benji Block & Benji XL
– Circle of Love
– Connecting Dots
– Entangle
– Exagoni
– Flag
– Oblique
– Signet
Tokens of Love Vertical EdgeExtra loveZodiac
Horizontal Edge
– Unity
– Your heart is my home
Key to my heart
Signature blend
Laser engravings (fingerprints)

FRIDAY May 12th 09.00 h
Lucky Leaf
Memory Lane
Baby love & Baby Poetry
– Tokens of Love (excluding Vertical Diamonds, Vertical Edge, Extra love and Zodiac)

*From Friday May 12th 14,00 h until Saturday May 13th 15.00 h you can order these products online and pick them up at our store in Eindhoven.


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