Fingerprint bracelets

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique. That makes it a special and personal way to remember someone. With a fingerprint bracelet of, for example, your father or mother, grandmother or your children, you can always carry the most special people in your life with you. Bracelets with a story you wear for life!

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Fingerprint bracelet: unique and elegant

Some people leave an everlasting impression on our lives. You can carry these people with you forever, by having a fingerprint put on a bracelet. A special way to commemorate loved ones!

Our Disc bracelet is an all-gold bracelet with a subtle disc. On this round disc you can perfectly incorporate one or even two fingerprints. The disc has a diameter of 10 mm, making it a very elegant piece of jewellery, which is easy to combine with other jewellery.

The charms from our Signature collection can also be fingerprinted. The charms are available in initials, numbers or (personalised) symbols, and are also very suitable for men’s fingerprint bracelets. We then engrave the surface of the charm to create the desired fingerprint bracelet. Also check out our fingerprint charms to add flair to your bracelet.

Commemorate your pet with a paw print

In addition to human fingerprints, we can also create beautiful bracelets for you that commemorate your pet. For example, we can incorporate the paw print or nose print in gold.

Extra special: choose a symbol with meaning from our Memory lane collection, for example, and have the paw print incorporated in it. This way, you really create a bracelet with a story!

It is also possible to incorporate your pet’s ashes in jewellery. Read more about that here.

Fingerprint bracelet made of 18-carat gold

We make all our jewellery from 18-carat solid gold. This has unique properties. It consists of 75% pure gold, and is supplemented with high-quality materials that make the jewellery strong. This reduces the risk of wear or bending. The combination of these high-quality materials is ideal for jewellery that you will enjoy for years to come. Thus, it is also possible to choose fingerprint necklace or ring with fingerprint.

Pure gold, or 24-carat gold, is a beautiful precious metal, but it also comes with disadvantages. This is because gold is originally a soft material. This means that pure gold wears out faster and can also bend. Our goldsmiths therefore choose 18-carat gold. This has the highest possible content of pure gold, without compromising the strength of the material.

Assured by a gold hallmark

The gold used in our jewellery has received a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This means that it has been hallmarked for the Dutch established values that precious metals must meet. The gold hallmark is an extra assurance for you that you are choosing fingerprint bracelets of high quality.


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