With our unique charms, you can make your jewellery even more personal. Decorate your bracelet or necklace with special charms with a story to wear unique jewellery that suits you exactly!

Our charms are made with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. As a result, you will enjoy beautiful pendants that you can personalise with, for example, initials and symbols with meaning, or an engraving with a personal message. The possibilities are endless!

Minitials Diamond Cross Charm


Minitials Lucky Leaf Charm


Minitials Queen Clubs Charm


Minitials Queen Diamonds Charm


Minitials Queen Hearts Charm


Minitials Queen Spades Charm


Minitials Mayfair Key Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Victoria Key Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Chelsea Key Charm

From: 309,00

Minitials Connecting Dots Symbol Charm

From: 629,00

Minitials Connecting Dots Initial Charm

From: 289,00

Minitials Oblique XL Charm


Minitials Arrow Charm

From: 249,00

Minitials Feather Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Angelwing Charm

From: 329,00

Minitials Cross Charm

From: 179,00

Minitials Heart Charm


Minitials Lucky Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Small Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Middle Charm


Minitials Olive Branch Large Charm


Minitials One Of A Kind Charm


Minitials Zodiac Charm


Minitials Extra Love Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Large Disc


Minitials Memory Lane Tag Charm


Minitials Open Tag Charm


Minitials Vertical Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Vertical Charm


Minitials Vertical Diamonds Charm


Minitials Vertical Edge Charm


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Charms full of love

Some people leave an everlasting impression on your life. Charms with a symbol or text are therefore a wonderful way to carry these people with you forever. For example, wear a loved one’s fingerprint with our Fingerprint vertical charm or on our Fingerprint large disc.

For example, you can incorporate up to five symbols with meaning on our Vertical Edge charm, and fill a beautiful, rectangular plate with shapes of your choice with the Lucky Charm Charm Charm.

You can also buy pendants with a more minimalist look, such as our Olive Branch Charm, the Memory Long Tag Charm or our One of a Kind Charm. The elegant design makes these pendants timeless.

Of course, you can also combine several charms in one necklace or bracelet! This makes a pendant a great addition to a new necklace, but also a great addition to a necklace you already have.

Charms and pendants of the highest quality

Our jewellery radiates love. We therefore find it important that they are of high quality and remain beautiful for many years. This is why we only select materials of the highest quality for our jewellery charms.

The basis of the jewellery is 18-carat solid gold, with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. Our goldsmiths process this gold into beautiful charms in which you can incorporate all your wishes. Your pendant is handmade in the Netherlands by dedicated artisans.

Unique jewellery pendants

Let your personality shine through in your jewellery. Our key charms are pendants in the shape of a key. They are available in different, elegant designs with beautiful details. The keys are available in different sizes. The Chelsea Key Charm has all kinds of fine details and three small diamonds that combine to create a powerful design.

The Mayfair Key Bedel features small diamonds and numerous star-shaped cut-outs that give the pendant a dreamy look. Another key is our Victoria Key Charm. This pendant has exuberant and stylish curved shapes that beautifully incorporate two diamonds. All key-shaped charms allow you to incorporate an initial of your choice in the centre.

Ordering charms at Minitials

In our webshop you can buy charms in all kinds of styles. We also offer many personalisation options. This makes it easy to put together your personal order in our webshop. Indicate all your preferences and wishes and our goldsmiths will take care of them.

Your pendant or charm is made to order. It is therefore not always possible to return them. Keep this in mind when you want to buy charms online.


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