Charms with fingerprint

Nothing is more personal than a fingerprint charm. Each fingerprint has a unique line pattern, making it a wonderful way to remember a loved one. With a fingerprint charm, you immortalise a loved one in gold. This way, you will carry this person close to you forever.

Minitials Lucky Charm


Minitials Man Large Coin Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Large Disc


Minitials Open Tag Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Vertical Charm


Minitials Fingerprint Signature Symbols


Minitials Oblique Symbols


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Freedom in design

Jewellery with a story is special. Every time you wear this jewellery, you think of a special moment or person in your life. That’s wonderful! We try to offer as much freedom as possible in the design of our charms, so we can meet your exact wishes.

A great example of this can be found in our Signature collection. These gold charms are subtle in size and can all be engraved with fingerprints. You have a huge choice of types of charms: any letter or number is available, as are all kinds of symbols. It is even possible to have a personalised symbol worked into gold and then have it engraved with fingerprint.

Several charms can be engraved on both sides. Our Disc charms are an example of this. You can choose from a small, medium or large disc, in which you can incorporate up to three fingerprints on both sides. This makes the round disc a wonderful fingerprint charm.

Fingerprint charm according to your wishes

Do you have specific wishes? We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. Contact us for that, or drop by our Flagship store in Eindhoven. This way we can tell the right story with your fingerprint charm!

High-quality fingerprint charms

Our goldsmiths make each charm by hand. Thanks to their expert eye for detail, the charms are exactly as you want them. To make sure you enjoy this for years to come, they only use high-quality materials.

18-carat solid gold is the basis for all our jewellery. They also have a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland, which guarantees you a high-quality fingerprint charm.


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