Personalised rings

Personalised rings are an extension of your personality. That is why they are great for incorporating stories. With a personalised ring, you carry a dear or special memory close to you. A name, initials, date or meaningful symbols: anything is possible.

Our goldsmiths make your ring to order, so every wish can be fulfilled. Together, we create the most beautiful personalised rings!

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Freedom in design

It is important to us that the ring is symbolic of your story or experience. That’s why most of our jewellery is fully customisable. Incorporate fingerprints of your children, for example, or have a date of a (lost) loved one engraved, for the most personal rings.

With a wide choice of symbols, letters and numbers, you can carry important initials or names with you. You simply submit all your wishes online, and we will create your personalised ring.

Do you have specific wishes? Contact us to discuss the possibilities. We will be happy to help you create the most symbolic jewellery.

Rings for every style

Whatever your personal style is, we make sure the personalised ring fits it perfectly. That’s why we have a wide choice of different types of rings.

The geometric shapes of our Exagoni rings are very popular. In the hexagonal plate, you incorporate a letter, number, diamond or symbol at four positions. For example, you can carry the initials of all your children, or create a ring that expresses your personality thanks to meaningful symbols.

Our Signet rings are a bit more robust in design, making them stand out. The Signet has a gold, oval plate on which you can perfectly incorporate initials of yourself, or of a (lost) loved one). This initial can be placed all over the plate.

With the Insert Signet ring, you can also opt for a smaller initial on the side. This has a more subtle look. In the same collection you will also find the Fold Signet ring, here you can incorporate multiple initials in addition to a fingerprint. In short, the possibilities are endless! Get inspired and create a unique personal ring that incorporates all your wishes.

Unique combinations

The rings in our collections can be beautifully combined with each other. For instance, you can combine our Æon ring with one or two Æon nesting rings. These are small rings in a similar style that you wear on either side of the original ring. The three rings together thus form a whole. The diamonds on the nesting rings are pavé set, adding extra sparkle to the original ring.

Our Exagoni ring can also be expanded in this way with the Exagoni Nesting ring. The ring perfectly complements the original Exagoni ring: it is beautifully enveloped by radiant, pavé-set diamonds.

The Entangle collection is another example of rings that combine well. The unusual shape of the rings allows you to wear several rings on the same finger. The rings then appear as one, as the chosen symbols, letters or numbers sit side by side.

Personalised rings of the highest quality

To ensure that you enjoy your personalised ring for years to come, we only make our jewellery from high-quality materials. For example, we use only 18-carat solid gold, which is stamped with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

Our goldsmiths make every piece of jewellery by hand in the Netherlands. This is done to order, allowing us to incorporate all your personal wishes. Get inspired in our webshop for all the possibilities, or drop by our Flagship Store in Eindhoven. Together we will create the most beautiful personalised rings with meaning!


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