Gold necklace

A favourite in everyone’s jewellery collection: a gold necklace. Simple blouses, dresses or shirts brighten up completely with this stylish piece of jewellery around your neck. There are huge choices in gold chains, which is why we are happy to help you with this.

What makes Minitials’ gold chains unique is the love that goes into our jewellery brand. Gold is a precious precious metal and therefore perfect for immortalising your memories and loved ones. Thanks to all our options around personalising your jewellery, you create a gold necklace with a story.

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The quality of gold

You might not say it, but pure gold is a soft material. This means it bends or wears out faster, compared to hard materials. The quality of gold is shown in carats, with 24 carats meaning 100% pure gold.

To keep the quality of our gold necklaces as high as possible, we use 18-carat gold. This consists of 75% pure gold and is supplemented with materials that strengthen the jewellery. So you enjoy the highest possible quality gold, while also enjoying the benefits of firmer material.

White gold, rose gold or yellow gold

Yellow gold is the base of gold necklaces. This type of gold has a shiny, yellow glow.

Besides yellow gold, you can also get our necklaces in white gold or rose gold. These two colours both consist of 75% yellow gold. So the composition of the gold changes to make other colours. However, the number of carats remains the same.

For the rose colour, we supplement the substance with copper. This colour has a very warm and youthful appearance. No wonder it is so popular!

White gold is made by adding palladium to yellow gold. White gold necklaces are then rhodium-plated. This means that a thin layer of rhodium is applied over the jewellery. This thin layer provides the extra white luster!

Please note: the layer of rhodium on white gold chains can wear off as time goes by. It is possible to rhodium the jewellery again after a few years, to restore the white luster. This can be done in our Flagship stores for a small fee.

Craftsmanship and eye for detail

Our goldsmiths make every gold necklace to order, by hand. This ensures that your necklace is truly unique. During the making process, we pay attention to every detail. Therefore, do not hesitate to pass on all your wishes.

Length of the gold chain

Chances are you will take your time to find a pendant or charm for your gold chain that is exactly what you want. We recommend that you also look carefully at what length of chain you would like. After all, this determines where the pendant or charm hangs around your neck, and thus has a big impact on its appearance!

The length of a necklace made of gold is shown with several numbers, for example 39 – 40 – 41 cm. This means that the chain has a maximum length of 41 cm. With adjustment eyelets, you can shorten the length of the chain by a few centimetres to get the desired length.

A standard length for a gold chain is about 45 centimetres.

Gold with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland

All Minitials jewellery is made from gold that has been hallmarked by Waarborg Holland. This is a guarantee office that checks and inspects gold and other precious metals on the Dutch market. Only precious metal that meets all Dutch standards regarding legally recognised gold contents receives the hallmark.

Thanks to our gold hallmark, you can be sure that your Minitials jewellery is made of high-quality gold.

Ordering gold chains online

All our necklaces can be ordered online. The jewellery is made specifically to your wishes after you have placed your order. Because of this, the delivery time differs per product. We ask for your understanding.

Our customers rate us with a 9+. We therefore do everything to ensure that your gold chain meets your requirements and wishes. Do you have specific wishes or requests? Then contact our customer service, available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Goldsmith present in our Flagship Store

Would you rather see the necklaces in person, before you place your order? Then drop by our Flagshipstore in Eindhoven. We are open Monday to Saturday, from 09:00 to 17:00.

Our goldsmith is present from Monday to Saturday (09:00 to 17:00), and on Wednesday until 12:00. This is where you can ask all your questions. To speak to our goldsmith, we recommend making an appointment. That way you can be sure there will be enough time to ask you all your questions. For other questions or to admire our collection in real life, you are of course also welcome without an appointment. See you soon!


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