Store Appointments

We think it is important to give every customer as much attention as needed. We like to take time for this and therefore you can only visit our store when you have an appointment. If you visit our store without an appointment, we ask you to check the reservation system on the spot if we have an appoiment available. It is possible that it's not possible to help you because we have another appointment at that time, you can schedule a new appointment. We will maintain this policy in the foreseeable future.

Our Story

Family is everything. Since 2011, we try to maintain the core principles at the heart of our Minitials brand – simplicity, authenticity and love. Every single piece is handcrafted in the Netherlands with 18k solid gold.

ÆON Collection

an immeasurably long period of time... love

ÆON Collection

an immeasurably long period of time... love

The one I love
Around my neck
And near my heart
From this day on
We’ll never be apart


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