Signature necklace

Our children are our greatest, dearest, most valuable asset and the greatest source of inspiration for Minitials. The love that mothers feel for their children is indescribable. Every day it feels like a part of our heart is walking around outside our body. Always carry your kids close to you with the original Minitials Signature necklace.

Our Story

Family is everything. Since 2011, we try to maintain the core principles at the heart of our Minitials brand – simplicity, authenticity and love. Every single piece is handcrafted in the Netherlands with 18k solid gold.

ÆON Collection

an immeasurably long period of time... love

ÆON Collection

an immeasurably long period of time... love

The one I love
Around my neck
And near my heart
From this day on
We’ll never be apart

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