Fingerprint necklaces

Some people leave an everlasting impression on our lives. How nice is it to carry these people with you forever with a fingerprint necklace? We have several unique designs that incorporate a fingerprint into a piece of jewellery in a special way.

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Fingerprint necklaces

Everyone’s fingerprint is unique. With our fingerprint jewellery, we ensure that you elegantly carry the fingerprint of, for example, your loved one, children or other (lost) loved ones with you forever. It is possible to incorporate one, two or even three fingerprints in one of our necklaces.

For example, the large disc necklace with fingerprint is an elegant piece of jewellery that you are proud to wear with a fingerprint. The necklace is a bit longer, so the charm hangs lower. This looks great with a low-cut neck or over a turtleneck, for instance.

Do you prefer a more subtle design? The pendants in our Signature collection are about 5 mm in size, making them very fine. In this collection, you can engrave any letter, number or symbol with a fingerprint.

The necklaces in the Signature collection are shorter in length, making them look great above high-cut necks or in combination with other necklaces.

A fingerprint necklace to suit you

Our jewellery can be personalised, so too with a fingerprint necklace. Besides your own engraving, of course, you can also choose the colour of gold (white, rose or yellow gold) and the type of gold chain, among other things. This way, we create a unique piece of jewellery that completely suits your wishes.

It is of course possible to hang several charms on your necklace. It is therefore possible to wear multiple fingerprints in a necklace, or a combination between a fingerprint and initials, numbers or symbols with meaning. The possibilities are endless!

Fingerprint removal

There are several ways to take your own (or someone else’s) fingerprint. An easy method is to dip the finger in ink and then make an impression on paper. It is also possible to make a digital fingerprint.

To guarantee a good end result, we recommend stopping by our Flagship Store in Eindhoven to take a fingerprint.

In the Flagship Store in Eindhoven, we can make a digital fingerprint with which you get the best (most accurate) result.

A unique necklace or commemorative piece of jewellery

Jewellery with a story appeals to many people. It is therefore also a wonderful gift for your children, your parents or your best friend, for example. You can have your own fingerprint engraved, but can also give a special gift by immortalising the fingerprint of a (lost) loved one.

Because these necklaces are so personal, they will stay in your taste for years. After all, love is always in style, and will never go out of style. This love is therefore at the forefront of all our designs.

Our Sparkle Snake necklace is a bar necklace with graceful appeal. You choose the position of the fingerprint: you can have it engraved on the left or right, or across the entire bar.

You can engrave the necklace on both sides with a different print. For example, you can incorporate a fingerprint of two people, or combine it with a much-meaningful text or name.

Excellent quality: 18-carat gold

We only work with the best materials for making your fingerprint necklace. Thus, our 18-carat gold has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland, and all products are handmade in the Netherlands.

This way, our goldsmiths ensure the highest quality, and you can enjoy your 18 carat gold necklace with fingerprint for years to come. Immortalise your love or memory in a necklace with a story by Minitials!


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