Minitials Three Birthstone Necklace

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The Minitials Three Birthstone Necklace can be created by choosing the birthstones of your favourite month. Scroll down for more information.

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”The one I love
Around my neck
And near my heart
From this day on
We’ll never be apart…”

Our new collection pays tribute to the special months of the year with an array of beautiful birthstones.

Discover the meaning behind each stone:

January – Garnet: Symbol of passion and energy, the garnet represents love and devotion.
February – Dark Amethyst: Associated with calmness and clarity, the dark amethyst promotes inner strength and peace.
March – Aquamarine: A stone of serenity, aquamarine represents clarity and renewal, like a calm ocean.
April – Diamond: The ultimate symbol of eternal love and indestructible strength, the diamond is timeless and elegant.
May – Emerald: Representing growth and prosperity, the emerald represents renewal and vitality.
June – Light Amethyst: With its soft hues of purple, the light amethyst embodies spiritual wisdom and inner peace.
July – Ruby: A symbol of passion and courage, the ruby represents love and energy.
August – Peridot: Radiant like the sun, peridot symbolises happiness and success.
September – Blue Sapphire: The stone of wisdom and protection, the blue sapphire brings inner peace and spiritual insights.
October – Pink Tourmaline: A stone of love and emotional healing, pink tourmaline promotes harmony and balance.
November – Citrine: Radiant like the autumn sun, citrine represents happiness and prosperity.
December – Blue Topaz: A stone of calmness and communication, blue topaz stimulates clear thinking and creativity.

*Our birthstones are gemstones and carefully selected by us. Because gemstones are natural products, the color may differ from the image. Every birthstone is different, but that makes your jewelry unique and extra personal.

18K yellow, white or rose gold
Necklace length: 41 or 44 cm
Reduction rings: 39 – 40 cm or 42 – 43 cm
Quality mark from the Dutch Assay Office

Processing time:
In stock: 2 business days
If not in stock: 20 business days

Delivery time per location:
NL = 1 – 2 business days
EU & UK = 2 – 5 business days
Other countries: Click here


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