Diamond earrings

Sparkling diamond earrings brighten up any outfit. No wonder these earrings are so popular!

Our diamond earrings are customisable. Besides a choice between yellow gold, rose gold and white gold, you also have the choice of different types of diamonds (white, black or champagne). This way, we create a pair of earrings that exactly match your taste.

Minitials Zodiac Earring


Minitials Moony Earring


Minitials Yin Yang Earring


Minitials Bolt Earring


Minitials Comet Earring


Minitials One Blend Earring


Minitials One Pavé Signature Symbol Earring

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Minitials One Diamond Earring


Minitials Two Diamond Earrings


Minitials One Signature Chain Earring


Minitials One Blend Chain Earring


Minitials One Diamond Chain Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Initial Earring


Minitials ÆON Diamond Hoop


Minitials ÆON Faith Earring


Minitials ÆON Luckystar Earjacket


Minitials The Hedge Earcuff


Minitials The Hedge Earrings


Minitials Two Jubilee XL Halo Earrings


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Diamond earrings: subtle in size

Our collections offer various diamond earrings that are subtle in size, making them an elegant addition to any outfit.

For example, our Signature pavé earrings are available in a variety of symbols, letters and numbers. With a height of 5 mm, they are beautiful earrings that still give a minimalist look.

These subtly shaped diamond earrings are not only a sophisticated addition to any outfit, but are also perfect to wear in a second or third hole. They beautifully complement longer diamond earrings you wear in the first hole, creating a beautiful layered look.

The earrings from our Blend collection are also of this fine size. These earrings feature just one diamond in the symbols or letters, making them shine even more subtly. They are available in any letter or number, and it is also possible to customise a symbol.

Radiant earrings with diamonds

Subtle jewellery is beautiful, but sometimes you want to stand out a little more. In that case, our One Diamond Earrings with Chain are an excellent choice. The subtle ear stud is complimented by a 23 mm gold chain. With a choice of white (F-VS), champagne or black diamonds, you can make the earrings completely to your liking.

Our ÆON Hoop earring also knows how to attract attention. The white diamonds are pavé set in 18-carat solid rose gold. Please note that these (and some other) earrings are sold individually rather than in pairs.

A third special option for statement earrings are our Hedge Earcuff earrings, which you clip a little higher around your auricle. These earrings have two pavé-set white diamond alliance rings. These alliances surround the relief in the centre: bold triangles. The earrings are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and can be worn without the need for a hole.

Eye for quality

Our goldsmiths select the best precious metals for our diamond earrings for women. So you can choose from white (F-VS), champagne or black diamonds.

The base of all earrings is 18 carat gold, stamped with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This ensures that the material meets all Dutch requirements and values around high-quality gold. So you are assured of a diamond earring that can be worn for years to come.

In our collections, you will find diamonds of various carats. Each pair of diamond earrings is handmade to order, so returns are sometimes not possible. Our product pages indicate when this is the case.

Diamond earrings in real life

You don’t buy a diamond earring every day. It can therefore be nice to see the earrings in person, before deciding which model you want to choose.

You are welcome in our Flagship Store in Eindhoven. Here, our craftswomen are ready to answer all your questions. You can easily make an appointment online or drop by without one. See you soon!


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