Are you looking for a new bracelet? A bracelet is a stylish accessory, but also a unique way to carry loved ones with you. By immortalising loved ones in gold and wearing them on your wrist, you always take them with you. This powerful, emotional meaning creates a bracelet with your personal story.

All our bracelets are made with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. With your personal wishes, we create unique bracelets that you will wear for years to come! You have therefore come to the right place to buy a bracelet online at Minitials.

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In our collection, you will find all kinds of beautiful bracelets that you can personalise. With an engraving, initial or special text, you create beautiful memories of your loved ones in gold. The best thing: you can carry your loved ones with you always!

The possibilities are endless. You can choose between beautiful 18-carat gold bracelets or satin bracelets with gold charms. Gold shines beautifully, while satin is an extra-soft material that makes the charm on your wrist stand out even more.

Whatever you choose: we ensure that all our jewellery is of high quality and has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. As a result, you can order bracelets you will enjoy for years to come.

Unique bracelets with initials

Whatever your style, your bracelets can express love. That is why we have designed all kinds of bracelets with letters, with which you can wear initials on your wrist. An example is our Oval One Signature satin bracelet. The charm is elegant and minimalistic, and combined with the satin bracelet, it really emphasises the chosen initial.

Prefer to wear multiple initials with you? Our Round Two Signature Bracelet incorporates two different letters in a circle. This bracelet is also available with three intials, check out the Round Three Signature satin bracelet.

For those whose bracelets can shine a bit more, our bracelets with initials are also available pavé, where the letter charm is set with beautiful diamonds. This gives a chic look to your luxury bracelet. An example of this is our One Full Pavé satin bracelet. Here, both the letter charm and the surrounding, golden oval are set with beautiful diamonds in a colour of your choice.

Luxury bracelets for every occasion

A beautiful bracelet complements the rest of your look. Our Jubilee bracelet is a beautiful bracelet made of 18-carat gold with a large cabochon gemstone in the centre. This gemstone is surrounded by other smaller gemstones for an extra special effect.

Another favourite is our Lucky Leaf bracelet. The charm in the shape of a four-leaf clover can be personalised with initials and symbols, creating a special bracelet with a story.

Our Benji bracelets are also well liked by our customers. The charms in this collection are round and contain a chosen symbol or letter all over the charm. So the charm can never be upside down!

Of course, you can also combine our bracelets beautifully with our earrings, necklaces, charms or rings. Immortalise your loved ones in gold by buying bracelets you have personalised!

The highest quality bracelets

Personalised bracelets are special gifts to give to yourself or others. The emotional meaning behind your gift will not soon be forgotten!

Ideally, you will never take off your bracelets again. That is why our goldsmiths have selected only the highest quality materials and incorporated them into your bracelet. 18-carat solid gold is the basis of every piece of jewellery, with an eye for detail to incorporate all your personal wishes into the gold.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade by our goldsmiths to order. Returns are therefore not always possible, keep this in mind when ordering bracelets online.

Buy bracelet online at Minitials

In our webshop you can view all our beautiful bracelets. Ordering is easy in our bracelets webshop, where you can pass on all your wishes.

For example, choose the colour of gold used (yellow gold, white gold or rose gold), choose your favourite diamonds (white, black or champagne) and personalise the charm with a personal letter, symbol or message. Together, we will create the most unique bracelets that tell a story.

Make an appointment and visit our Flagship Store

To pick out your bracelet personally, we invite you to our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Our craftswomen are ready to discuss your wishes and other questions. To help you as best as possible, we ask you to come by appointment. That way, we make sure your bracelet is made with love. Make an appointment here and see you soon!


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