Galaxy Collection

The new Galaxy earrings collection from Minitials is like a perfect storm, you will be enchanted by the beautiful shapes in our galaxy. When the clouds move away we see all the beauty our galaxy has to offer. The moon brings light to the darkness and a constellation shows us the way home. Underneath the stars we are all connected.

The stylish and subtle earrings are handmade in the Netherlands from 18 carat solid gold and F-VS diamonds. Combine several stud earrings for a complete look.

Piercing Ears

Do you like the new Galaxy ear jewellery collection but don’t have (enough) piercings yet? No problem, we can pierce your ears at Minitials. We work with the Inverness “push-through” system with which the hole is pierced very accurately, quickly and silently. The stud earrings are 100% encapsulated and individually packaged in sterile cassettes. For the piercing of your ears you can easily make an appointment. Do you have a question? Then please contact us.

Minitials Zodiac Earring


Minitials Moony Earring


Minitials Bolt Earring


Minitials Comet Earring


Minitials Saturn Earring


Minitials Yin Yang Earring


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