Gold necklace with name

Personalised jewellery is special. And nothing is as personal as names! Thanks to a gold necklace with name, you carry your own name or that of a loved one close to your heart. Immortalise important people in gold and you get an invaluable piece of jewellery.

All our gold name necklaces are made of 18k solid gold and provided with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. So you are assured of high quality.

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A personal gift

Your identity is largely linked to your name. Therefore, gold necklaces with your name are one of the most personal gifts to get or give. A necklace with your own name is fun and gives you a spontaneous look.

Because names are so personal, a necklace with someone else’s name is also very special. Wear your children’s names close to your heart, for example, or commemorate a lost loved one in gold.

Or give a gold name necklace of a lost loved one as a gift to a special friend or important family member. It is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Wide range of gold name necklaces

In our webshop, you will find all kinds of models and options for gold name necklaces. Our Minitials Scripted necklace, for example, is a classic example of a name necklace made of gold. You can have any name you want engraved in an elegant font. For this, you can use 1 to 8 characters.

It is also possible to include not one but three names in the necklace. The two extra names will then hang next to each other, with pieces of chain in between to separate the names.

For short names or initials on your necklace, you can also choose our Signature collection. This collection consists of charms with subtle fine-sized letters, numbers and symbols to hang on your necklace. Please note that this is particularly suitable for short names or for symbolising multiple children through an initial.

Name necklaces in all styles

The gold name necklace should, of course, suit you. That’s why we give all kinds of personalisation options. Think of different fonts and combinations with symbols.

For example, our Sparkle Snake necklace can be engraved in no less than 7 different, elegant fonts. It is also possible to engrave a handwriting in your name necklace. This will make your jewellery even more personal. To do this, you need to upload a clear photo of the name in the handwriting.

The quality of Minitials gold

We only use gold with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland in our jewellery. This ensures a high quality of 18 carat gold when you buy a gold necklace with name from Minitials.

You can choose from yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. White gold is rhodium-plated to obtain its beautiful colour. This means there is a thin layer of rhodium around the necklace. This thin layer can unfortunately wear off over the years.

Don’t worry: when this happens, we can re-rhodium the gold name necklace for a small fee. It will then regain its sparkling, white luster.


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