Would you like to buy a new ring? Most women’s rings symbolise love, but nowadays we see more and more people wearing them to express their personality. A ring radiates a lot about someone’s personality, and what someone values.

At Minitials, you will find beautiful rings with a story, whether you are looking for simplicity, authenticity or personalisation, we create each piece of jewellery with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty.

Minitials Diamond Signet Ring


Minitials Fingerprint Disc Ring

From: 578,00

Minitials Pavé Initial Ring

From: 599,00

Minitials Signature Blend Ring


Minitials Signature Ring


Minitials Signature Diamond Ring


Minitials Signature Pavé Symbol Ring

From: 519,00

Minitials Signature Dotted Stacking Ring


Minitials Signature Twisted Stacking Ring


Minitials Circle Of Love Ring


Minitials Fingerprint Circle Of Love Ring

From: 938,00

Minitials Exagoni Ring


Minitials Exagoni Diamond Ring


Minitials Exagoni Nesting Ring


Minitials One Oblique Ring


Minitials Two Oblique Ring


Minitials Baby Entangle Ring


Minitials Baby Entangle Diamond Ring


Minitials Entangle Ring


Minitials Entangle Blend Ring


Minitials The Hedge Ring


Minitials Jubilee Ring


Minitials Signet Ring


Minitials Fold Signet Ring


Minitials Insert Signet Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring

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Minitials ÆON Reversed Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring Diamonds Only

Configure product

Minitials ÆON Ring Discodip


Minitials ÆON Nesting Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring Nesting Set

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Minitials ÆON Alliance Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Nothing But Dots Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots One Dot Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Three Dots Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Turning Dots Ring


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Gold rings by Minitials

At Minitials we have a huge passion for gold rings, browse our range to find a ring to match your style, outfit and other jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. All gold rings are customisable so you can capture your personal memories and moments forever.

Ladies’ rings

Are you looking for that one perfect ladies’ ring? Then you have come to the right place at Minitials, whether you are looking for a statement ring, minimalist ring or wide rings, with us you can choose from a wide range of personalised rings in 18 carat solid gold. Let your hands shine and choose initials or symbols to put together your perfect Minitials ladies ring.

Ladies rings are a special accessory for all but all women. A woman can use a ring to show her personal style to the outside world by choosing a minimalist or statement variant, for example.

Choose one of the ladies’ rings that suits your personality and you will feel stylish and confident, in addition, it can also be fun to combine other matching jewellery with your favourite new ring, with which you can make the blitz in an authentic and fashionable way.

In addition, a women’s ring can also be an intimate way to celebrate a special occasion. Whether it is your birthday, an engagement or a wedding, a ladies’ ring is a piece of jewellery that you always carry with you and remind you of a special time in your life.

Rings in different sizes

When buying a new ring, it is very important to choose the right ring size, people often wear a ring daily so comfort is important. If you want to find the right ring size, we recommend measuring the circumference of your finger at home with a tape measure.

With this circumference you can ask advice in our Flagship store, or read in the ring size table which ring size is suitable for you. Besides this option we also have a Minitials ring sizer in the webshop so you can find out the right size with 100% certainty.

Want to know more about measuring your ring size? Check out our article on how to measure your ring size.

The most beautiful rings by Minitials

You will find the perfect ring for a special occasion or keepsake at Minitials, whether you are looking for a stylish gift or to complete your outfit, everything is possible. Would you like to be helped, or get more advice on a suitable ring? Then we recommend you stop by our Flagship store so we can help you choose your new favourite ring.

Frequently asked questions

Perhaps you still have questions about your potential new beautiful ring, we can imagine with such a special and often expensive purchase. To get you started, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact our customer service or check out our frequently asked questions page.

Why buy a ring from Minitials?

All Minitials rings are handmade by a team of dedicated artisan women and men. We create each piece of jewellery with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty.

Although not everyone on our team makes the products with their own hands, they too are instrumental in keeping our service, values and quality high. From product to packaging, to service and contact.

Together we create the total experience we call ”MINITIALS, a jewellery brand full of love”. Instantly check out all the options for buying the most beautiful rings? Then check out our shop, or make a personal appointment in the Minitials Flagship store from Monday to Saturday so we can advise you with all our love.

Where can I see the different rings by Minitials in real life?

If you are curious how the Minitials rings collection looks like in real life or if you are not sure about the size, you are welcome in the Minitials Flagship store in Eindhoven (in walking distance from Eindhoven train station or paid parking in front of the door).

In addition, our selected dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland carry a large part of the Minitials jewellery collection.

Can I have my ring engraved?

Yes, at Minitials we believe in personal and stylish rings so you can show who you are as a person. With love and attention to detail, we engrave your beautiful ring in our own workshop, by our goldsmith.

Can I have my ring personalised?

Yes, we believe in beautiful rings with a story, every piece of jewellery is handmade in the Netherlands with the best materials. With our 3D configurator in the webshop, you can fully personalise your Æon ring.

All Minitials rings are handmade on order especially for you. Personalised products can therefore not be returned. This is explicitly stated with each product.

What is the shipping method for my ring?

We ship our parcels in the Netherlands with PostNL and internationally with DHL for you. The Five extra strings and gift vouchers under €50 are sent twice a week with letterbox mail.

What happens once I have ordered a ring?

As soon as you have placed an order for a new piece of jewellery, the Minitials team lovingly sets to work the next working day to process your order and deliver it to you as soon as possible. If we have any questions about your order, we will contact you via the phone number or email address provided.

What is the processing time for most rings?

The processing time for rings varies by product. You can find the processing time for each necklace under the heading “shipping”. Team Minitials always starts processing your order the next working day.

For example: If you want to order a Signature ring and we receive your order on Monday evening, we will start processing your order on Tuesday. If a goldsmith is present and all parts are in stock, we can make this product on Tuesday and ship it on Tuesday, so your jewellery will be delivered to your home by the carrier on Wednesday.

What is the delivery time for rings at Minitials?

Of course you immediately want to know how quickly your new ring will be dispatched by Minitials. We don’t have a straightforward answer to that because the delivery time differs per collection. Our most popular jewellery usually comes with the following delivery times:

  • Signature: 1-2 working days

Can I return my Minitials ring?

All Minitials rings are handmade especially for you on order. Personalised products cannot be returned for this reason. For each ring, this is explicitly indicated on the product page.


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