Minitials One Benji Necklace


The Minitials One Benji Necklace can be created by choosing the initial, symbol, number or zodiac Benji bead of your loved one. Scroll down for more information.

“Benji baby, spread your wings and fly to a gold surrounded horizon…”

Choose your favorite initials, special symbols, zodiacs or lucky numbers.
Finish with your desired colour gold and necklace length.
The initial, symbol, zodiac or number of choose will be displayed three times.
You can’t choose 3 different initials, symbols, number or zodiacs.

18K yellow, white or rose gold
Bead ± 5 mm high
Necklace length: 41 or 44 cm
Reduction rings: 39 -40 cm or 42 – 43 cm
Quality mark Dutch Assay Office

Processing time:
2 business days

Delivery time per location:
NL = 1 – 2 business days
EU & UK = 2 – 5 business days
Other countries: Click here


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