In addition to offering you excellent quality, we consider it important to offer a good service and after sales.

An original Minitials product is made of 18k solid gold. The white diamonds used are from a F-VS quality. All our products are produced according loving and traditional manners of Minitials craftmanship. From the date of purchase we award a 12 month guarantee on all our jewellery. In case of impairment after your guarantee period ends, you can turn to us for an authorized repair*. Please contact a selected dealer or info@minitials.nl if you have any questions.

You can contact us through telephone, WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail. You may expect us to answer from Monday until Friday 09 am – 5 pm. You can find our contact details here.

*Is it possible to repair my Minitials jewellery?
When your piece of Minitials jewellery is broken, you can make an appointment in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. When our goldsmith is present, you can wait in our store when we repair your piece of jewellery. If we think the repair takes longer, we will inform you about this beforehand. If you don’t live near Eindhoven, you can purchase a repair form in our webshop (in this product, there is also more information about the process of repairs).

Do I have warranty on my Minitials jewellery?
Minitials will exchange manufacturing defects without costs until 12 months from the purchase date. Keep the warranty card (received with the purchase) for reparations. We will always try to repair your piece of jewellery after the warranty period has ended. You can’t derive any rights from this notification. General wear and tear, misuse or tarnish are not covered for the warranty. We advise you to periodically exchange your satin bracelet or check for wear. A new satin bracelet costs €2.

What can I do if I lose my piece of Minitials jewellery or if they are stolen?
The Minitials warranty does not give entitlement to replacement or refund for lost or stolen items. We advise you to ensure valuable pieces of jewellery.


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