Diamond bracelets

Perhaps the most loved gemstone: diamond. Diamonds reflect an enormous amount of light, making for brilliant bracelets. No wonder diamond bracelets are so popular!

Diamonds are valuable. That’s why they are great for making your most personal jewellery shine. Incorporate your precious memories or loved ones in a diamond bracelet, so that you always carry it with you.

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Diamond bracelet pavé set

Several diamond bracelets are pavé set. This means the diamonds are set close together, creating a beautiful sparkle. The diamonds are set in a milled notch in the gold. So there will be no extra elevation on which the diamond is attached, which can be the case with other diamond settings.

Our Circle of Love bracelet is an example of a bracelet where the diamonds are pavé set. The base of the bracelet is yellow gold, the charm is set with beautiful diamonds. Besides this option, you can also choose white or rose gold as a base.

White, black or champagne diamonds

In our jewellery, we incorporate white, black or champagne diamonds as desired. The most common type of diamonds are white diamonds. Black diamonds have an intense, black colour. Champagne diamonds, on the other hand, have a beautiful, brown hue. Our diamonds are cut brilliantly, which means the shine is retained despite the dark colour.

So you choose which diamonds you incorporate into your personal jewellery. For example, our ÆON bracelet features a round disc with pavé-set diamonds of your choice. In the middle of this disc, you can add an initial of your choice. You can also beautifully combine a diamond bracelet with a diamond ring.

Our Benji bracelet contains a beautiful, subtle charm with a row of diamonds. The satin cords are available in over 40 different colours. This allows you to perfectly match the diamond bracelet to your style or for example together with a diamond necklace.

Give a diamond bracelet as a gift

A diamond bracelet is a special gift. The recipient will enjoy it for years to come! Many of our jewellery items can be personalised, making your gift exactly match your girlfriend, mother, grandmother or whoever you want to surprise! For example, check out a bracelet with letters or a bracelet with a fingerprint.

For instance, our Lucky Leaf bracelet is very popular thanks to its many options. You can include up to 5 initials in the four-leaf clover charm. The elegant shape of the four-leaf clover makes it a popular model.

Attention to quality

The base of all our diamond bracelets is 18-carat solid yellow, rose and white gold. We also select only high-quality diamonds, we do this for both our bracelets and our diamond earrings.

Our goldsmiths make each piece of jewellery by hand, and then have it inspected by Waarborg Holland. They check whether the precious metals meet the legal requirements and guidelines, after which they receive a gold hallmark.

This ensures that you can enjoy your diamond bracelet for years to come. Our customers rate us with a 9+!


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