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Rings with letters are unique and personal jewellery that will brighten up your hands. By creating a ring with letters, you always carry your loved ones, children or other loved ones close to you. It is therefore a special piece of jewellery with meaning.

Our rings with letters are specially designed to capture the love you experience for others in your life in gold. To make your jewellery as unique as possible, there are many options to personalise the initials ring. Think of engravings, personal messages and of course a wide choice of letter designs. This way, we create a ring that suits you exactly!

Minitials Diamond Signet Ring


Minitials Pavé Initial Ring

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Minitials Signature Blend Ring


Minitials Signature Ring


Minitials Circle Of Love Ring


Minitials Exagoni Ring


Minitials Exagoni Diamond Ring


Minitials One Oblique Ring


Minitials Two Oblique Ring


Minitials Baby Entangle Ring


Minitials Entangle Ring


Minitials Entangle Blend Ring


Minitials Jubilee Ring


Minitials Signet Ring


Minitials Fold Signet Ring


Minitials Insert Signet Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring

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Minitials ÆON Reversed Ring


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For every style

Do you often wear eye-catching clothes, or do you care more about a minimalist style? Whatever your taste, our letter rings add a personal touch to your wardrobe. Our Signature rings are classic examples of a letter ring made of gold. The charms have a subtle size (5 mm), giving them an elegant look.

If you are looking for an initials ring made of gold with a playful look, our One Oblique ring is suitable. In this ring, a charm hangs from the ring in your desired letter, number or symbol. Can’t choose between initials or symbols? It is also possible to hang two charms on a ring, check out our Two Oblique Ring.

Another favourite is our Exagoni ring. This ring has a hexagonal plate in which up to four letters or symbols can be incorporated. The gold ring with initials can thus be fully personalised.

Ring with letter of the highest quality

You’d rather never take your ring off. That’s why we ensure that the ring with letter is of high quality. Our goldsmiths make every letter ring by hand in the Netherlands, with an eye for detail and attention to beauty. This allows them to incorporate the finest details and personal wishes into a ring with initials.

Your initials ring is made of 18-carat solid gold, which is stamped with gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This gold hallmark shows that the ring meets the legal Dutch requirements and guidelines around gold. It is therefore an extra assurance that you will enjoy the ring with letter for years to come.

A personal gift

A ring with initials is a very special gift. You not only give someone a beautiful ring, but also a piece of jewellery with a story. Surprise your daughter, friend or grandmother with a ring with the letter of an important person in their life. A (lost) loved one, a best friend, a beloved pet: the possibilities are endless.

Our jewellery comes in a beautiful box, which immediately makes a nice gift wrapping. You can choose the colour of the box yourself.

Sparkling rings with letters

In our collections, you will find all kinds of rings with letters in a variety of styles. Our Jubilee ring is a radiant one, with a large cabochon surrounded by small gemstones. You choose the gemstones yourself: we make the cabochon out of amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz or green quartz.

For the surrounding gemstones, you choose between white, black or champagne diamonds, or amethyst, citrine or ruby. In the centre of the cabochon stone, we incorporate an initial of your choice for a personalised ring with letter.

Our Pavé initial rings also have a sparkling look, thanks to the many small diamonds in the initial charms. The ring with initial contains 4 to 15 diamonds of 0.04 to 0.07 kt, depending on which letter you choose. You can further personalise the ring by choosing between a smooth, twisted or polka dot band.

Our Æon Ring is suitable for those who can’t get enough of diamonds. The ring has a round plate with pavé-set diamonds in it. A gold initial of your choice is set in the centre of the diamonds.

The right size ring

Your gold ring with letter should of course fit properly. A ring that is too small is not comfortable and can make you feel trapped. A ring that is too large, on the other hand, is easy to lose. Because every ring is made to order by our goldsmiths, returns are not possible in most cases. Indeed, some rings are difficult to resize. So be very careful and order your letter ring in the right size.

You can find the right size for your ring in several ways. For instance, you can measure a fitting ring you la have. For that, consult our ring size chart. It is also possible to order our handy ring sizer. This ring sizer is a very user-friendly tool with which you can quickly find out the right size. You can also drop by our Flagship store to have your ring size measured correctly.

Note: your fingers can expand when you are in a warm room or when it is warm outside. We therefore recommend measuring your fingers at different times of the day. That way you’ll know the difference in circumference, and be sure to order your ring with letter in the right size.

Ring with letter in real life

Would you prefer to see the letter rings in person before making your choice? That’s possible in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Simply make an appointment online. It is also possible to walk in without an appointment. Our craftswomen are waiting for you!


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