Our Craftsmanship

Our jewelry is handmade by a team of dedicated craftswomen and men. We create our products with attention to detail, eye for quality and sense of beauty.


Attention to detail and sense of beauty

Our goldsmiths are supported by a team of contributors and producers that help us in bringing our ideas and values to life. We work with long term relations and they grow along with us and our brand. Our products contain the MINITIALS quality mark from the Dutch Assay Office.

Craftsmanship as an attitude

Not only does the term craftsmanship stand for the skills that someone uses when making beautiful things with their hands. Nor for the quality we put into our products when we carefully make it. Craftsmanship is not a catchy marketing phrase. For us it is an attitude. One we think is important enough to carry out and to live by. 

a jewellery brand full of love

Even though not everyone of our team makes the products with their own hands, they are also the craftswomen and men that keep our service values and quality up to mark. From product, to packaging, to service and contact. Together we create the total experience we would like to refer to as “MINITIALS, a jewellery brand full of love”.


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