Rings with name

If you are looking for a special piece of jewellery, then a ring with a name is a must. It is a beautiful and unique way to pay tribute to that special person whose name is engraved in the ring.

This could be your loved one, for example, or someone who is sadly no longer among us. There are a lot of reasons why you might want to have someone’s name engraved in a ring. Browse our collection now and find a ring with name that suits you.

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What makes a ring with name so personal?

A personalised ring is not only a special lasting gift for yourself, but also a personal gift for someone else. A nice bonus is that rings with name can be worn on any occasion. It is therefore not only very suitable as a gift for another person, but also for yourself.

In the Fold signet ring from our Signet rings collection, we can cast one or more letters representing names of your loved ones. We can also engrave a (family) name in this ring but also a (handwritten) text which is of course the most personal.

A beautiful piece of jewellery with different purposes

When most people think of rings with names, they quickly think of an engagement ring. Of course, they are also suitable for wedding rings, but also for other purposes. How about friendship rings, for example, or a ring with your children’s name.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your partner, you can choose relationship rings with name. If you have lost a loved one in your life and would still like to carry them close to you, then a jewellery with name can be very personal.

Our rings are made of 18-carat gold, making them long-lasting. In doing so, there are endless personalisation possibilities. For example, you can choose to incorporate and fingerprint on the ring.

Why are rings with names a unique gift?

If you are looking for a unique gift, then a ring engraved with a name is a very special gift. After all, a piece of jewellery also allows you to give something lasting to a loved one.

Most gifts are often quickly forgotten, but an initials ring will always have a special and lasting place with the recipient. For example, give it as a gift to your dear mother.

What can you do with a name ring?

A piece of jewellery with initials is fun for all sorts of reasons. You can use them as friendship rings, wedding rings or a beautiful ring with engraving for yourself.

The jewellery can be provided with your own text, allowing you to instantly make the ring very personal. Would you like to use your own text for names or would you rather have a sentence engraved on it? Almost anything is possible.

Besides a ring with a name engraving, we also offer our beautiful Circle of Love collection. This collection consists of minimalist and stylish jewellery, such as necklaces and bracelets, which exude a timeless symbol of love and connection.

Here, the circle symbolises the infinite bond between lovers, and can be personalised with initials or a special date. It is a special and symbolic gift that is perfect to give to someone you love, or to treat yourself with. Whatever you choose, a piece of jewellery from Minitials is always a wonderful way to celebrate and cherish love.


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