Statement rings

If you are looking for a powerful and eye-catching piece of jewellery, then a Statement ring is a very nice option. This is because the Statement ring is known as a striking piece of jewellery that manages to attract attention in an elegant way.

The jewellery reflects a unique expression of style, instantly shaping its personality. The Statement ring is therefore known as a true fashion statement that allows you to radiate self-confidence.

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The Statement ring: Individuality and originality

The Statement ring is known for its design to emphasise individuality and originality. Therefore, the jewellery also serves primarily as a piece of jewellery that allows you to reflect your expression and personality. The Statement ring is ideal for distinguishing yourself and creating your own personal and individual style.

A distinctive piece of jewellery

The Statement ring is a piece of jewellery that immediately stands out for its greatness in design. This is because the rings almost always have a striking size and are decorated with prominent gemstones, bold colours, intriguing patterns and/or unique structures.

The design of the ring can vary greatly. As a result, you can, for instance, choose rings with abstract shapes to geometric patterns or symbolic elements. The different types of designs make each ring a work of art in itself.

Show self-expression and self-confidence

A Statement ring is ideal for showing self-expression and self-confidence. You can easily show your personality with the ring and make your voice heard with it, without using words.

In fact, you literally carry a statement with you. By wearing a Statement ring, you radiate courage, strength and self-esteem. This makes the Statement Ring the perfect piece of jewellery to express yourself with.

The age-old appeal of the Statement ring

Did you know that wearing a Statement ring dates back thousands of years? Indeed, in ancient civilisations, rings were worn as a symbol of status, religion and power.

In these ancient times, rings were also often decorated with symbolic motifs, engravings and gemstones. Wearing the ring was a good expression to indicate one’s position in society. In addition, the ring was known to give good luck and protection.

During the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe, the jewellery received a new meaning. Indeed, at this time, the jewellery was worn only to show social status in society. Rings were therefore also increasingly larger and more lavishly decorated with precious gemstones during this time.

Nowadays, wearing a Statement ring is no longer associated to show your social status in society. Today’s techniques, knowledge and materials allow more and more freedom in the creative design of rings. At Minitials, all jewellery has been handmade since 2011. As a result, the creative designs run one from the other and every woman can choose a beautiful Statement ring that suits her personal wishes.

A diverse range of Statement rings

At Minitials, you can choose from several different designs of Statement rings. All rings are handmade and crafted from 18-carat solid gold. The rings feature gemstones, which can range from citrine, amethyst, green and smoky quartz and sparkling diamonds in black, white and champagne colours.

Because you can choose the gemstone yourself, you can personalise the ring entirely according to your own style. Indeed, the choice of gemstone plays a very important role in creating the power and impact you want to radiate with your jewellery.


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