Engagement ring

The engagement ring is known as one of the most meaningful rings around. This is because an engagement ring symbolises commitment, love and the promise of a lifelong commitment to each other. By wearing an engagement ring, you are constantly reminded of the special milestone of your relationship.

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Engagement ring: love-centred jewellery

An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery in which love takes centre stage. The ring is given as a sign of commitment and promise. By wearing the ring, you will be reminded again and again of the deep commitment you share with your beloved.

By giving an engagement ring to your beloved, you as a partner are showing your desire to build a future together. As a result, the engagement ring symbolises connection and love.

Engagement ring: a ring with emotional value

An engagement ring is, of course, one of the most personal pieces of jewellery around. This is because the ring carries with it a profound meaning and an emotional value. The jewellery also represents the value of your relationship.

By wearing the ring, you are constantly reminded of happiness, love and connection shared with your beloved. This makes the engagement ring a piece of jewellery with a valuable keepsake.

The memories and precious moments you created together are all incorporated in the emotional value of the ring.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring

When you decide to plan a marriage proposal, choosing an engagement ring is an important step. Choosing an engagement ring can sometimes be overwhelming because there are so many choices. This can sometimes make it difficult to choose a ring that suits your loved one’s personal taste.

When you are looking for an engagement ring, it is important to consider your partner’s style and dress style.

Does your partner prefer classic and timeless or more modern and trendy? Therefore, your partner’s personal style is one of the most important factors while choosing the engagement ring.

A gemstone ring as an engagement ring

When you think of an engagement ring, you quickly think of a gold ring with a large diamond. Did you know that there are many other interesting choices regarding the gemstone? A gemstone ring, for example, is a frequently chosen option.

If you choose a gemstone ring, then you also have a choice in the cut of the gemstone. The cut is responsible for the brilliance and unique look of the piece of jewellery.

A personalised handmade engagement ring

Did you know you can make our engagement rings even more personal? At Minitials, all rings are handmade from 18-carat solid gold. This ensures that your engagement ring is designed with attention to detail and an eye for quality.

At Minitials you are always welcome by appointment in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. During a scheduled appointment we will look together at your personal wishes and the matching possibilities.


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