Engrave ring

Engraving turns your ring into a piece of jewellery with a story and emotional value. For example, you can incorporate the names of loved ones or special dates into your jewellery, making it something you carry with you every day. This personal touch is an elegant addition to everyone’s clothing style.

We are happy to help you incorporate all your wishes into gold. Choose fonts that suit you or let us incorporate a written message with the right handwriting for rings that you would rather never take off again. Take a look at our range and have a men’s or women’s ring engraved!

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Your loved ones immortalised in gold

By personalising your ring with an engraving, you create a piece of jewellery with a story. For instance, you can have the names of your children or loved ones engraved in a ring, so that you always carry them close to you. You can also immortalise a handwritten message, meaningful symbols or a special date in gold.

Do you have special wishes about having your ring engraved? Contact us or drop by our Flagship Store in Eindhoven. Our professionals are ready to discuss your wishes and all possibilities.

Engrave a ring with a personal message

Would you like to have a ring engraved with text? We offer all kinds of possibilities. In our Jubilee ring, for example, you can add initials of your choice. The ring has a beautiful Cabochon gemstone surrounded by other, smaller gemstones amethyst, citrine, ruby or of diamond (white, black or champagne). The initials are engraved so that it comes in the centre of the cabochon gemstone.

Our Fold Signet ring is a ring with engraving and a slightly more robust design. Thanks to freedom of design, you can incorporate names, texts, fingerprints or initials here. The ring is slightly larger than an average ring, which has the advantage of making your fingers look slimmer.

The Insert Signet Ring has a large surface area for engraving. Here, you also choose an initial that will be worked into the gold on the left. This engraving is deeper than in the Fold Signet ring, creating a different look. The small size of this initial means there is still plenty of room to engrave the gold ring with other texts, symbols or fingerprints.

Engraving rings with the highest quality

Our goldsmiths make every ring and engraving by hand in the Netherlands. For this, some high-quality materials are selected, such as 18-carat solid gold. Thus, our dedicated artisans create jewellery with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty.

Your Minitials ring with engraving has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This means that the precious metal used has been checked against the legal guidelines and requirements for gold in the Netherlands. So this is an extra insurance that you will enjoy your engraved ring for years to come.

Ring with engraving in the right size

You wear a ring every day. It is therefore important that it fits well and is comfortable to wear. All engravings are custom-made by our goldsmiths, so returns are not possible. Make sure you choose the right size when you have a ring engraved.

To choose the right ring size, consult our ring size chart or choose our Minitials ring sizer in the webshop. Of course, you are also welcome in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Here we are happy to help you find the right size.


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