Gold rings

Gold rings are a favourite in our jewellery collection. They are elegant and have a luxurious look, making them the finishing touch to any outfit. By personalising your gold rings, you carry your most beautiful moments or precious memories close to you. Family and love are therefore the starting point of all our rings. With initials, engravings or special symbols, we create jewellery that tells your story.

All our gold rings are handmade in the Netherlands. By using only 18-carat solid gold, we assure you of the highest quality. Our rings are available in white, yellow or rose gold, or combinations of these. There are also numerous personalisation options. Together, we will create the perfect ring for your needs.

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Unique gold rings

You can personalise our rings in many ways, making them tell their own story. For instance, we have several ring collections where you can beautifully carry the initials of your children, partner or loved ones with you. For example, the Oblique collection allows you to wear one or two initials as pendants on your ring, while in the ÆON series the initials are subtly incorporated into the design.

Besides initials, there are countless other options for personalising gold rings. Think here of special symbols, or numbers and dates with special meaning. It is also possible to place a personal engraving in various models, and there are options around ash settings. For more information on ash settings or memorial jewellery, check out our memorial page.

For every style

Thanks to our extensive range, we have the finest gold jewellery for every style. For instance, our Entangle collection consists of elegant, minimalist designs with an eye for detail. The Exagonii collection, on the other hand, is striking, with eccentric and geometric shapes. These hexagonal gold rings are real eye-catchers, in which you can incorporate as many as 4 symbols or initials.

High-quality: 18-carat solid gold ring

We make all our gold rings by hand. We only use 18-carat solid gold, which has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This ensures that your ring is of the highest quality.

18 carat gold means that the rings consist of at least 75% pure gold. The more carats, the more pure the material. That is why we do not sell jewellery made of, for example, 9 or 14 carat gold. The high quality can be found in all our collections.

Combining gold rings

Our gold rings are easy to combine with each other. Of course, you can combine any ring to suit your taste, but our Entangle collection is made specifically to put together. The rings have a special shape that makes them connect directly to the ring above or below. This creates a playful look.

With a choice of all letters, all kinds of symbols and diamonds or no diamonds, you can also fully customise these rings to your liking. Would you like a personalised symbol? Then contact our customer service

Gold rings by Minitials

Minitials, a jewellery brand full of love. All our gold rings are made with attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. Our skilled goldsmiths bring our ideas to life, creating the most beautiful pieces for our extensive range.

The base of all our rings are yellow, white or rose gold. Do you choose white gold? Then we rhodium-plated this material. This gives the ring extra shine and a true white colour. Over time, the original yellow gold colour may come out again due to wear. In that case, we can re-oxidise your ring for a small fee.

This way, we ensure the highest quality of our gold rings, allowing you to enjoy your jewellery for years to come!


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