Solitaire rings

Solitaire rings are known for their simple, timeless and elegant design, with a distinctive design at their heart. Solitaire rings feature a single gemstone, which is centrally incorporated into the ring.

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Solitaire rings: timeless beauty in simplicity

Solitaire rings are especially popular because of their simple and elegant design. The single gemstone in the ring, ensures that the gemstone takes centre stage. Because the diamond takes centre stage, the solitaire ring, exudes timeless beauty.

Indeed, the minimalist design shows off the beauty of the diamond, making it quick to attract attention. Solitaire rings thus showcase the power of simplicity and demonstrate that less is sometimes more.

Solitaire ring: a ring where the diamond takes centre stage

When you choose a solitaire ring, you choose a piece of jewellery with a beautiful diamond. Also, there are other popular gemstones for this type of ring such as the Emerald, the Sapphire and the Ruby. However, with us, for the time being, it is only possible to choose a diamond placed centrally on the top of the Solitaire ring.

The central location of the gemstone, on the ring, ensures that the quality and beauty of the stone is perfectly displayed. The gemstone is the central shimmering focal point in the ring and, in doing so, immediately manages to attract attention.

A Solitair ring highlighting symbolism

Did you know that Solitair rings are not only known for their stunning beauty? In fact, the rings also highlight symbolism and deep meaning. Solitair rings in fact interpret the unity of two different individuals in a romantic relationship.

The ring is therefore also seen as dedication and a promise in a lifelong commitment. The piece of jewellery is therefore also regularly given as a gift as an engagement ring. This is because the ring symbolises fidelity, love and promise.

A simple ring with a versatile design

Although the ring is known for its simplicity in design, Solitair rings still offer surprising versatility.

The precious metal of the ring can also vary. At Minitials, we only work with 18-carat solid gold, but you still have a choice of white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

The versatile design ensures that every woman can choose a Solitaire ring that suits her personal style and taste.


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