Necklace for girlfriend

Your girlfriends are very important. You can turn to them for advice, to tell stories or just to laugh about what you have been through together This special bond should be celebrated!

With a necklace, you show that you value your friendship. The recipient gets a piece of jewellery they can wear every day for a stylish look. At the same time, your friend will always think of you when she wears the necklace. A special necklace is therefore an extra nice gift, which your friend will wear for years to come.

Minitials Scripted Necklace

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Minitials Lucky Leaf Necklace


Minitials One Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Two Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Three Pavé Initial Necklace

From: 499,00

Minitials Small Mayfair Key Necklace


Minitials Small Victoria Key Necklace


Minitials Small Chelsea Key Necklace


Minitials One Signature Necklace

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Minitials Two Signature Necklace

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Minitials Three Signature Necklace

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Minitials Four Signature Necklace

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Minitials One Signature Fingerprint Necklace


Minitials One Zodiac Necklace

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Minitials One Pavé Necklace

From: 409,00
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Minitials Ash Jewellery One Pavé Necklace

From: 409,00

Minitials One Signature One Blend Necklace

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Minitials Two Signature One Blend Necklace

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Minitials Three Signature One Blend Necklace

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Minitials One Signature Diamond Necklace

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Minitials Two Signature Diamond Necklace

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Minitials Three Signature Diamond Necklace

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Minitials One Diamond Necklace

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Minitials Two Diamond Necklace

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Minitials Three Diamond Necklace

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Minitials One Blend Necklace

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Minitials Two Blend Necklace

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Minitials Three Blend Necklace

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Minitials Four Blend Necklace

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Minitials Signature Disc Necklace


Minitials Flag Necklace


Minitials One Benji Necklace


Minitials Two Benji Necklace


Minitials Three Benji Necklace


Minitials One Oblique Necklace


Minitials Two Oblique Necklace


Minitials Three Oblique Necklace


Minitials One Key To My Heart Diamond Necklace


Minitials One Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Two Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Three Key To My Heart Necklace


Minitials Circle Of Love Necklace


Minitials Circle Of Love Pavé Necklace


Minitials Sparkle Snake Necklace

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Minitials Fingerprint Sparkle Snake Necklace

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Minitials Lucky Lux Necklace


Minitials Small Olive Branch Necklace


Minitials Middle Olive Branch Necklace


Minitials Fingerprint Middle Disc Necklace


Minitials Connecting Dots Necklace

From: 479,00

Minitials Exagoni Necklace


Minitials Exagoni Diamond Necklace


Minitials Jubilee Necklace


Minitials ÆON Necklace

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Minitials ÆON Necklace Diamonds Only

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Minitials ÆON Necklace Discodip


Minitials Two Unchained Necklace


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Jewellery with a story

Create a necklace for your girlfriend with symbolic value, and she will never forget the gift. For example, you can have the date you met engraved, or her birthday. We are also happy to work personal messages into gold for you.

We have a wide range of necklaces, many of which can be personalised. With names, symbols or numbers, you can create a necklace that suits your girlfriend perfectly. She will enjoy it for a long time!

With our Signature necklace, for example, you can give your girlfriend’s initials as a gift in gold. With various personalisation options such as a diamond of your choice or an engraved fingerprint, you can make the letters exactly as you wish.

Necklace for girlfriend with name

Giving a necklace with name to your girlfriend allows her to literally carry her loved ones close to her heart. For example, you can have her own name engraved, but we can also work the name of a (lost) loved one into the gold. This way, you create a personal piece of jewellery, which is sure to please your girlfriend.

Our Sparkle Snake necklace is a necklace with an elegant gold plate. This plate can be engraved completely as you wish: with name, fingerprints, a special date or a special (handwritten) message. The necklace can be engraved on both sides, so you can also make a combination of engravings.

Another example for an elegant necklace with name is the Lucky Lux necklace, in which you can engrave up to three names. All three names have their own subtle-sized gold plate. This makes it a stylish piece of jewellery.

A symbolic value is worth its weight in gold

Jewellery with a symbolic value is special. You wear them with feeling, thinking of that one memory or that one important moment when you wear them. That’s why these are such great gifts to give to important girlfriends!

With our Benji necklaces, you choose between special symbols such as a constellation, a four-leaf clover or a heart. Because of the wide choice between symbols, there is bound to be something in between that fits your friend’s life.

Our Exagoni necklace can also be personalised with symbols, letters and initials of your choice. This necklace has a hexagonal shape, which gives it a powerful look.

It is also possible to create a symbol of your own design. Please contact us for this or visit our Flagship store in Eindhoven to discuss the possibilities. Together, we will create a beautiful necklace with symbolic value for your friend.

Celebrate friendship with a necklace

Birthdays are a great time to reflect on your friendship, and to give a beautiful gift to match.

The Minitials One Oblique is suitable for your most stylish girlfriends, thanks to its elegant look. The charm features a letter or symbol hanging diagonally. This necklace is available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and a very nice gift.

Another necklace that is very suitable for a friend’s birthday is our Circle of Love necklace. This necklace has a round charm with initials and diamonds of your choice. There is room for up to 7 intials, so short names also fit perfectly on the charm.

Girlfriends necklace made of the best materials

To ensure good quality, the goldsmiths use only the best materials. Thus, your necklace will be made of 18-carat solid gold. This material has the highest possible content of pure gold (75%), without making concessions in strength and hardness of gold.

All the gold in our jewellery has a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This means that an external agency has checked the gold. So it is an extra insurance that you choose a necklace for a girlfriend of high quality. This way, your girlfriend can enjoy your gift for years to come!

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