Bracelets for women

Women’s bracelets: stylish and timeless jewellery on your wrist. Bracelets are a favourite in the jewellery box, as they can be combined with any outfit and often give that extra touch to your look.

Are you looking for a women’s bracelet with a story? Our jewellery brand was born out of love. Therefore, you can include all your loved ones in our bracelets with initials, symbols or engravings, for example. Carry your children or your (lost) loved one forever with you in a personalised bracelet for women!

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Satin ladies bracelets

Satin is a soft and comfortable material with a luxurious feel, making it ideal for our gold ladies’ bracelets. It has a shiny look and makes gold charms stand out even more. When ordering, you will receive a knotted satin cord and two spare satin cords. Of course, you can choose the colour of the satin cords yourself!

Our Lucky Leaf satin bracelet is a beautiful bracelet for women in which you can incorporate several initials. The shape of the four-leaf clover creates a playful look.

Another option for satin bracelets is our One Pavé Oval initial bracelet. This bracelet has a gold charm with an initial in it. The oval charm is about 7 mm high, making it a tasteful and subtle bracelet.

Another popular women’s bracelet is our Charmed bracelet. This bracelet has a robust chain full of details, to which you can add any Minitials charms you like. The bracelet has a length of 19cm and is available in yellow, white or rose gold.

Bracelet for women in gold

Striking, radiant or subtle: women’s bracelets come in every style. Our Signature bracelets are elegant thanks to their simplicity. Thanks to a beautifully thin cord, here you always carry initials, numbers or symbols of meaning with you.

The charms have a height of 5 mm and our symbols have an ash chamber as standard, allowing you to commemorate a lost loved one here in a special way.

On our Sparkle Snake bracelet you can have one, two or three fingerprints engraved. This women’s bracelet marks that you are wearing a loving piece of jewellery. It is also possible to place a (handwritten) text on the back of the bar, to make the bracelet even more personal.

Ladies’ bracelet of the highest quality

All our bracelets for women are handmade from high-quality materials, just like all our other jewellery for women. Therefore, be sure to check out our collection of ladies rings and gold ladies necklaces.

The basis of the jewellery is 18 carat solid gold, provided with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This stamp assures you that the gold used is of high quality and meets the legal requirements and guidelines around precious metals in the Netherlands.

Our satin bracelets are durable and can always be worn: even when sleeping, showering or exercising. However, we do recommend replacing this band sometimes, as it is a fabric. You can choose from all kinds of colours for this, so there is always a colour to suit your taste.


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