Minitials Ash Jewellery Animals One Signature Oval Satin Bracelet


With the Minitials Ash Jewellery animals One Signature Bracelet you always carry your precious animal close to you. Choose a symbol and have your jewellery filled with ashes. Scroll down for more information.

”Yellow, white and rose gold
From A to Z
One initial equals one special person
Or one mini me…”

Create your perfect Minitials bracelet and choose a symbol, the color 18 carat solid gold, the color satin bracelet (you will receive two spare colors) and the finish of the jewellery.

The symbols can be filled with ashes, hair or any other memorial to remember your loved one. We take care of the ash setting under service in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. Make a personal appointment to schedule this precious moment ❤.

Minitials is a jewellery brand filled with love. Founded in 2011 by Marshia and Marloes with the desire to always carry their children close to their hearts in a subtle and stylish way. Each piece of jewellery is handmade in the Netherlands from 18 carat solid gold.

18K yellow, white or rose gold
Oval pendant ± 7  mm
Satin cord 2 mm in various colours
Quality mark from the Dutch Assay Office.

Processing time:
2 business days

Make a personal appointment for this precious moment.


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