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A charm bracelet is a unique piece of jewellery in which you can perfectly incorporate your stories or memories! After all, every charm is different, and adds personality to a charm bracelet.

Minitials Signature Cuff Bracelet

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Minitials One Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Ash Jewellery One Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Ash Jewellery Animals One Signature Chain Bracelet


Minitials Signature Pavé Symbol Chain Bracelet


Minitials Ash Jewellery One Pavé Symbol Chain Bracelet


Minitials One Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Two Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Signature Diamond Chain Bracelet


Minitials Exagoni Satin Bracelet


Minitials Tilt Satin Bracelet


Minitials Exagoni Chain Bracelet


Minitials Oblique XL Satin Bracelet


Minitials Circle Of Love Diamonds Satin Bracelet


Minitials Circle Of Love Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Unchained Satin Bracelet


Minitials Three Unchained Satin Bracelet


Minitials Two Unchained Chain Bracelet


Minitials Three Unchained V2 Satin Bracelet


Minitials Four Unchained V2 Satin Bracelet


Minitials ÆON Bracelet Diamonds Only

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Minitials Charmed Bracelet


Minitials Poetry Bracelet


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A charm bracelet is a unique piece of jewellery in which you can perfectly incorporate your stories or memories! After all, every charm is different, and adds personality to a charm bracelet.

What is special about our charms is that you can personalise them completely. The possibilities are endless. We lovingly incorporate letters, numbers and names into a gold charm bracelet, but fingerprints, handwritten messages or special symbols are also possible. Easily tell us your wishes online, or contact our customer service. Together, we will create a charm bracelet that suits you exactly.

Beautiful charms, special bracelets

Everyone is unique. A charm bracelet should therefore also be unique! That is why you will find charm bracelets for women made of gold in all kinds of styles in our webshop. Get inspired and find a bracelet with charms that suits you perfectly.

The Charmed bracelet is great for attaching subtle charms. You can find subtle charms in our Signature collection, for example. These are letter, symbol or number charms of 5 mm long that give a very elegant look. The charms from the Oblique or Exagoni collection and the Lucky Leaf collection also have the same subtle look and make for a beautiful gold charm bracelet.

Eye-catching charm bracelets

Do you like to stand out a bit more? Then check out our Connecting Dots charms. These charms contain diamonds making them shine beautifully. The amount of diamonds depends on the chosen letters or symbols. Our Oblique XL charms are also sure to attract attention.

The letter charms are 20 mm high, making them on the large side. The design is angled, creating a playful effect on your gold charm bracelet for women. These charms are sandblasted with a shiny or matt finish. The choice is yours!

Other much-loved designs are our key charms in the Your heart is my home collection. These key charms are available in three different designs with different details. In all three designs you can incorporate initials, there are also one or more diamonds in the keys. Furthermore, you can choose these charms in three different sizes: small, medium or large.

Create your own charm bracelet

All our charm bracelets for women are easy to put together in our webshop. With the charm bracelets, it is clearly described what your options are. Here, you can easily indicate your preference and which letters, numbers or symbols we will process in gold for you. If you want a handwritten message in the gold charm bracelet, you can upload a (clear) photo here.

Would you rather see the gold charm bracelet in real life? You can do so in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. To make sure there’s enough time to discuss all your wishes, we ask you to make an appointment. See you soon!

Gold hallmark: high quality charm bracelet for adults

We have all our jewellery inspected by Waarborg Holland before it is dispatched. This independent guarantee office checks our charm bracelets against the Dutch requirements and guidelines concerning gold. Only when the material meets everything, it receives a gold hallmark.

The stamp is thus an extra insurance of the quality of your gold charm bracelet! So you can be sure that you will be able to wear your charm bracelet with pleasure and feeling for years to come.


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