Mother daughter bracelet

The bond between mothers and daughters is unique. That is why we create mother daughter bracelets that you can personalise. For example, we incorporate symbols with special meanings into the bracelets, but fingerprints, handwritten messages or each other’s names are also possible.

With a mother daughter bracelet, you always carry each other close to you. Our goldsmiths make these bracelets with a story from high-quality materials such as 18-carat solid gold. Every time you wear the bracelet, you think of your mother or daughter. A beautiful piece of jewellery you will enjoy for years to come!

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Mother and daughter bracelet with a story

Our mother daughter bracelets are very popular as gifts. The personalised jewellery has a special meaning, which the recipient will appreciate for a lifetime.

A mother daughter bracelet is at the same time a beautiful gift for yourself. The special bond with your mother or daughter is something you both carry close to you. A beautiful gesture!

Mother daughter bracelets in all styles

Thanks to our extensive collections, we have a mother-daughter bracelet in almost every style. Striking designs can be found, for instance, in our Oblique collection, where you incorporate your initials in gold, or in our Tricolore collection where engraved rings in different colours decorate the bracelet.

Do you prefer bracelets with a classic style? Then check out our Exagoni, Lucky Leaf and Benji bracelets. Our Starfish and Blend collections are also elegant models, which look great with ornate (clothing) styles

Gold bracelets for mother and daughter

A mother and a daughter share a special bond that no one else can understand. They are each other’s best friends, support and inspiration. A gold bracelet from Minitials is a beautiful way to honour and strengthen this bond.

You can personalise the bracelet with your mother’s or daughter’s initials, or with a charm that reflects your character. This way, you create a stylish and meaningful bracelet that you will always wear.

Satin bracelets

In addition to an all-gold bracelet for mother and daughter, you can also choose bracelets with a satin cord. The satin bracelets have all-gold charms (18 carat, available in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold) and are knotted in an elegant shape.

With a choice of more than 30 colours, the gold mother daughter bracelets for adults will be a party on your wrist. Pink, blue, green: each satin cord is neatly finished and has a beautiful shine. This makes the gold charms on these bracelets stand out even more.

Some favourites of our satin bracelets include the Circle of Love bracelet, where a subtle circle is decorated with pavé-set charms, and the Disc bracelets with initials on them.

Years of wearing pleasure thanks to gold hallmarking

We select only high-quality materials to incorporate into our mother and daughter bracelet. 18-carat gold is the basis of all jewellery, available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Each piece of jewellery receives a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This gold hallmark confirms the quality of the mother and daughter bracelet made of gold.

Bracelet for mother and 2 daughters

Several daughters in the family? We create all kinds of gold bracelets with space for two, three or even four initials. An example is our Exagoni bracelet. This bracelet has a small, hexagonal disc on which you incorporate up to four initials or symbols. Our Lucky Leaf bracelet even offers space for five symbols or initials.

Also suitable for a mother with two daughters is the Three Benji bracelet. In this one, three Benji charms decorate the bracelet, each charm then has an initial of one of your names. It is also possible to choose charms with symbols symbolising your bond.

Goldsmiths with attention to detail

Our goldsmiths handcraft each bracelet for mother and daughter to order. In this process, they have attention to detail, an eye for quality and a sense of beauty. This ensures the finest details and the most beautiful engravings.

Do you have special wishes for your daughter mother bracelet? Get in touch with your preferences. Because every piece of jewellery is handmade, there are huge possibilities around personalisation. A self-designed symbol, a heartbeat or a drawing: the possibilities are endless. Together, we can create a bracelet for mother and daughter that suits you exactly.


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