White gold rings

White gold: a beautiful colour for your rings. A white gold ring shines and combines very well with other jewellery, even when the jewellery is a different colour. No wonder, then, that white gold is so popular.

We create white gold rings with your story. That is why we offer all kinds of options to personalise your white gold ring. Thanks to the freedom of design, you can express all your wishes, be it engravings, initials, fingerprints or handwritten messages. That way, you will choose a white gold ring that you will love to never take off again.

Minitials Diamond Signet Ring


Minitials Fingerprint Disc Ring

From: 578,00

Minitials Pavé Initial Ring

From: 599,00

Minitials Signature Blend Ring


Minitials Signature Ring


Minitials Signature Diamond Ring


Minitials Signature Pavé Symbol Ring

From: 519,00

Minitials Signature Dotted Stacking Ring


Minitials Signature Twisted Stacking Ring


Minitials Circle Of Love Ring


Minitials Fingerprint Circle Of Love Ring

From: 938,00

Minitials Exagoni Ring


Minitials Exagoni Diamond Ring


Minitials Exagoni Nesting Ring


Minitials One Oblique Ring


Minitials Two Oblique Ring


Minitials Baby Entangle Ring


Minitials Baby Entangle Diamond Ring


Minitials Entangle Ring


Minitials Entangle Blend Ring


Minitials The Hedge Ring


Minitials Jubilee Ring


Minitials Signet Ring


Minitials Fold Signet Ring


Minitials Insert Signet Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring

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Minitials ÆON Reversed Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring Diamonds Only

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Minitials ÆON Ring Discodip


Minitials ÆON Nesting Ring


Minitials ÆON Ring Nesting Set

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Minitials ÆON Alliance Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Nothing But Dots Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots One Dot Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Three Dots Ring


Minitials Connecting Dots Turning Dots Ring


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The difference between white gold and silver

White gold and silver look similar. Yet they do differ: our 18-carat white gold is an alloy of 75% yellow gold and 25% palladium. At Minitials, we rhodium-plated the white gold ring to give it a radiant shine. This is a warmer colour than that of silver. Also, the look of white gold is shinier than silver.

All our jewellery has an 18-carat solid gold base, with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland. This assures you that your white gold ring meets the legal Dutch requirements and guidelines regarding the quality of gold.

Please note that the rhodium-plated layer of white gold rings can wear off. In that case, the underlying yellow gold colour will come out a bit more. This is a natural process. We can re- rhodinise your jewellery for a small fee, so that your ring regains the desired white gold colour.

Immortalise memories with a white gold ring

A white gold ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery to carry a loved one with you every day. We are happy to help you immortalise your loved ones in gold. For example, our Exagoni rings allow you to wear up to four initials in a playful, geometric shape. The hexagon has a diameter of 9 mm, making it beautifully subtle in size. Here, you can give the hexagonal charm a different colour of gold than the ring itself. Enjoy the freedom of design!

Our Signet ring has a timeless design with an oval plate that carefully incorporates an initial. The oval plate is about 12 mm high, making it a slightly larger design than other rings.

This has an added benefit: large rings make your hands and fingers look slimmer. It is also possible to incorporate a meaningful symbol into this white gold ring. Contact us for this or make an appointment in our Flagship Store in Eindhoven.

Elegant designs

Your sense of beauty is expressed through your jewellery. In our assortment you will find all kinds of rings with elegant designs, such as our Signature collection. These white gold rings can be personalised with an initial, number or meaningful symbol. You can also choose between a shiny or matt finish, whichever suits you better.

Our The Hedge rings are also very popular for their special look. The ring has two pavé-set white diamond alliance rings, which add extra sparkle to the ring. Between the two alliance rings is a relief of bold triangles. All the details make this white gold ring a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection.

Combining white gold rings

Combining rings gives a playful look. But did you know that several of our rings are specially made for combining? For example, our Entangle rings have a special shape, which makes the charms of several rings appear to be next to each other instead of underneath each other. This gives a very playful look.

Our ÆON rings can be expanded with ÆON Nesting rings. These too are specially designed to combine! The Nesting ring perfectly complements the ÆON rings by framing them with pavé-set diamonds. The combination shines and stands out extra.

White gold with gold hallmark

A white gold ring with emotional value you prefer never to take off. That is why we only select high-quality materials for our jewellery. All our rings are made of 18-carat solid gold with a gold hallmark from Waarborg Holland.

Our customers rate us with a 9+. We are ready to create your white gold rings for men and women. Immortalise your loved ones and precious memories with a white gold ring from Minitials.


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