Gold rings with diamond

Gold has a timeless elegance, diamonds a radiant character. The combination of these two materials therefore makes for beautiful rings. Thanks to the light reflection of diamonds, you wear breathtaking sparkles around your fingers, while the gold ensures a stylish whole. No wonder it is such a popular combination!

At Minitials, you will find handmade gold rings with diamonds of the highest quality. Create a ring with a story, by personalising it as you wish. Thus, you carry your children or loved ones always with you thanks to jewellery with initials, or commemorate your loved ones thanks to a personal engraving or memorial. Gold rings with diamonds are valuable, but specimens with your own loving story are only of unprecedented value.

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Immortalising memories

A gold diamond ring is a special way to immortalise a moment. After all, you can wear a ring every day, literally bringing your special memories into your daily life.

Thanks to personalisation options such as initials or symbols with meaning, you will forever remember, for example, an anniversary or wedding day, a birth or another special date. But you can also literally carry family members or loved ones close to your heart with a perfect ring.

Infinite possibilities

Love is the guiding principle in all our collections. That is why we offer endless personalisation options, allowing you to create gold rings with diamonds exactly according to your taste and wishes.

Our ÆON collection, for example, is excellent for making it possible to wear initials of loved ones with you forever. Here, the combination of 18-carat gold with diamonds creates a chic, feminine look. You can compose the gold colour of the disc and the ring separately, creating playful combinations. Add your favourite diamond colour (white, black or champagne) and a meaningful initial and you have a beautiful piece of jewellery with your story.

The highest quality gold diamond rings

Our goldsmiths use only 18-carat gold for all our products. This gold bears the gold hallmark of Waarborg Holland. Yellow gold is the basis for all rings, but thanks to rhodination, we also create rings made of shiny white gold.

We apply the same high-quality standards to our sparkling diamonds. You can choose from white (F-VS), black or champagne diamonds of the best quality. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are of paramount importance to our goldsmiths. This ensures satisfied customers: we are rated 9+.

Elegant designs

In our wide range, you will find gold rings with diamonds for every style. Our The Hedge ring is ideal for those who love outspoken jewellery. The 2 pavé-set white diamonds alliance surround a centre of bold triangles. The result is a beautifully radiant ring that stands out well.

Instead, are you more at home with a minimalist look? Then our Entangle collection is ideal. The rings have a special shape that allows you to wear several rings together. At the same time, you can choose the charm yourself (initial or symbol with diamond). This gives the rings a playful yet elegant look. Choose, for example, a white gold ring with the initial of your name, or check out the options with all the different colours, sizes and symbols.

Gold rings with diamonds as gifts

A gold diamond ring is often an engagement ring or wedding band. But it can also be a special gift for another occasion. Even more special is to engrave a ring or give it a symbol of meaning. That way, you give a very beautiful, personalised gift that the recipient will enjoy for a long time to come. Years after the birthday, wedding day or other occasion, your gift will still be worn every day by the recipient.

White gold, yellow gold or rose gold?

For a ring with diamonds, it is important to make a good choice in the colour of the gold rings. At Minitials, you can choose from white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. Basically, the rings are made of yellow gold.

To bring out the white and rose colours in the ring, we use 75% yellow gold, which is supplemented with other materials during melting. For white gold we use palladium and for rose gold we use copper. Do you opt for white gold? Then the ring is also rhodium-plated to provide an extra white luster. The result: a beautiful gold ring with diamonds for every occasion!


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