Jewelry for women

We create the most beautiful personalised jewellery for ladies. With initials, a fingerprint or a symbol with meaning, our jewellery tells your story!

With our ladies’ jewellery you commemorate loved ones, celebrate the special bond you have with your loved ones or immortalise your memories in gold. The jewellery takes on an emotional meaning, making it worth a lot to the wearer.

Whether you are looking for beautiful jewellery for yourself or as a gift for someone else, at Minitials you have come to the right place!

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Women’s jewellery in all kinds of styles

Every woman is different. Let her jewellery reflect that too! Many of our gold jewellery pieces can be personalised to suit you exactly. You can also choose from a wide range of designs. We have several pieces for women with striking designs in our Jubilee collection, the Unchained collection and The Hedge collection, among others. Get inspired by these eye-catchers!

Furthermore, we have beautiful jewellery for women in a minimalist style. No unnecessary details; this jewellery is elegant and has a classic look. They are therefore a wonderful addition to any outfit! Find inspiration in our Benji collection or take a look at the minimalistic charms from our Signature collection and the Lucky Leaf collection, among others.

Women’s jewellery: a great gift

Every woman loves jewellery. This makes it a gift that goes down well. Extra unique is a piece of jewellery specially designed for someone as a gift.

This can include an initial, a name or a fingerprint, which we lovingly incorporate into our gold ladies’ jewellery. But you have also come to the right place for handwritten messages, ash jewellery or special symbols! Together, we create jewellery with a story.

Looking for inspiration for exclusive jewellery? Then take a look at our ‘moments’ page. Here, we showcase beautiful jewellery for customers with a beautiful story behind it. Get inspired and give a unique, personal piece of jewellery as a gift!

Tip for choosing ladies’ jewellery

Not sure where to start when choosing jewellery for a woman? We would love to help you on your way. Our tip is to take a look at her current jewellery collection. What catches your eye? For example, do you see a lot of yellow gold, white gold or rose gold jewellery, and does she have a lot of jewellery with diamonds?

Also look at the size of the jewellery. If she has a lot of large earrings or eye-catching women’s bracelets, chances are she will be very happy with a statement piece. However, if she currently wears mostly subtle, small jewellery, you will probably score more points with a minimalist design.

Whatever design you choose: when you personalise the jewellery, it takes on a special meaning for her anyway. After all, it is a unique piece of jewellery, custom-made.

Still in doubt? We also have gift cards. That way, the recipient can choose the perfect piece of jewellery herself. Of course, you can also take her to our Flagship store, where she can choose her perfect piece of jewellery such as a necklace, bracelet or beautiful ladies’ ring herself!

Ladies’ jewellery handmade by our goldsmiths

All our ladies’ jewellery is made by our artisan goldsmiths. This is done by hand, allowing every desired detail to be worked into gold. Besides attention to detail, this process also involves an eye for quality and a sense of beauty.

Besides all our different personalisation options, it is also possible to get a custom-made charm or jewellery. Therefore, be sure to let us know your wishes and we will look at the possibilities together. We can be reached at +31 6 348 626 22 or at You are also welcome in our Flagship store in Eindhoven. You can easily schedule an appointment via our website. See you soon!

Gold stamp of Waarborg Holland

To assure you of the best quality ladies’ jewellery, we have every piece of Minitials jewellery inspected by Waarborg Holland. This guarantee office checks whether gold and other precious metals meet the official Dutch standards and guidelines.

We only send your Minitials jewellery when it has been hallmarked by Waarborg Holland. So you are assured of the best quality!

Do you have any questions or need advice? Feel free to contact us by calling +31 6 348 626 22 or sending an email to

We are happy to help you find a personal piece of jewellery that suits your style. Or if it’s a gift, for example a piece of jewellery for your mother or friend, we would also be happy to think along with you!


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