From what age earrings?

From what age can you get earrings? Opinions on this vary quite a bit. Some mothers choose to get cavities for their baby or toddler, while others prefer to wait until the child is old enough to make their own choice. What is your preference?

vanaf welke leeftijd oorbellen

From what age can you get earrings?

There is no official minimum age for earrings. So holes can already be shot in babies, so your child can wear earrings from an early age.

Some mothers choose to get cavities for their baby or toddler. Reasons include appearance (they like the look of it), or that the child is too young to look up to it or worry about getting holes shot.

Earrings on babies: the risks listed

Mothers make the choice whether to have earrings on a baby. However, there are risks involved:

  • Shooting holes hurts: it is not a pleasant experience for your baby. After the pain of the piercing goes away, they may still be bothered by the earrings in the first six weeks. For example, babies may experience pain when lying on their ear.
  • The holes may become inflamed or ulcerated: this hurts. In severe cases, the inflammation can also spread and lead to fever. In most cases, an inflamed cavity heals on its own. Keep a close eye on it and visit your doctor if you don’t trust it!
  • The earrings can get stuck behind something: for example, while playing. This can damage your child’s ear, or stretch the holes. You don’t want both!
  • When your child gets a little older, there is a risk of them taking the earrings off themselves: earrings have sharp edges, which your child can hurt themselves on. Your child may also swallow an earring. This can be dangerous to the intestines. Has your child swallowed an earring, or do you suspect so? If so, always visit your doctor.

Shooting earrings on babies

Although there is no official minimum age for earring shooting, it is almost never done in the first few weeks after birth. Jewelers may also have set an age limit. That means they only shoot earrings on children from a certain age.

Want to get earrings shot on your baby? If so, always ask in advance if the jeweler has an age limit. That way you avoid surprises.

Looking for great ideas for earrings for your child or baby, be sure to take a look at the following list:

Care of earrings in young children

When young children have had earrings shot, they are not always already able to take proper care of the earrings and holes. Therefore, this maintenance must often be performed by the mother or father.

For the first six weeks, earrings and cavities should be cleaned regularly to reduce chances of inflammation. You do this by cleaning the cavities once or twice a day with a disinfectant. When cleaning the jewelry, rotate the earring around so that it does not grow attached to the ear.

Do cavities grow closed quickly in children?

Earring holes can grow closed when earrings have not been worn for a long time. This occurs particularly in the first six weeks after the holes are shot. Therefore, you should let your child wear the ulcer buttons for at least six weeks.

Even after the six weeks, the holes can grow closed. To prevent this, put earrings in your child at least once or twice a week. The rate at which cavities close varies from child to child. Therefore, keep a close eye on it!

Choosing earrings for a baby or child

At whatever age you choose earrings for your child, it is always helpful to make the right choice in earrings. Therefore, here are some tips for choosing right earrings for a baby or child:

  • Reduce the risk of allergy or inflammation by choosing special nickel allergy earrings made of precious metals, such as gold or silver.
  • Choose small earrings so your child is less likely to get caught behind something.
  • Is your child a little older? Then choose the earrings together. This way you reduce the chance that your child will quickly get bored of the earrings. And it’s also a fun, collaborative activity!

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