Piercing holes

Do you want to get holes shot? We tell you everything you can expect when you get earrings shot for the first time. We list all kinds of tips and handy facts, also relevant if you’re getting a second or even third hole shot.

Furthermore, we also answer common questions, such as “How expensive is piercing?” and “How long should you keep earrings in after shooting?” so you know exactly what to expect.

gaatjes en oorbellen schieten

This is what you can expect with hole shooting

Make an appointment to visit our Flagship Store in Eindhoven During the appointment you first choose the desired studs, these are the earrings that will be shot (available in solid 14 carat yellow, white and rose gold). Next, we clean your ears. This will sterilize your earlobe to prevent inflammation.

Then the location of the earrings is determined. We put two dots on your earlobes: this is where the earrings are shot. You may still view this for yourself in the mirror, of course. Would you prefer the earrings in a different place? No problem!

Once the location of the earrings is determined, we get to work on your hole shooting. For this we use a shooting device. Thanks to this device, a hole is made in your earlobe in a few seconds, and the earring is placed immediately. And voila; your ear holes are shot.

Does earring shooting hurt?

You may be asking yourself; does piercing hurt? It varies from person to person whether they find it unpleasant or not. In fact, most people experience it as a short, sharp prick in your earlobe. Earring shooting is fortunately very fast: within one second the earring is set. So any pain is only short-lived!

Your ears may be sensitive for a while afterwards. This will go away on its own after a few days. The holes themselves also remain sensitive, at least for the first few weeks. Read more about how to deal with it and how to properly care for your cavities below.

What does piercing cost?

For both adults and children ages 4 and up, we offer professional cavity shooting. We use only solid 14 karat gold studs, available in beautiful yellow, white or rose gold. The cost is €49 for one hole and €79 for two holes.

If you prefer yellow gold with a sparkling diamond, we offer this option for €139 for one hole and €279 for two holes.

Where can you get holes shot?

Would you like to get cavities pierced? Then make an appointment to stop by our Flagship Store. This is where you are welcome on Wednesdays and Fridays for an appointment to get cavities shot.

Prefer to visit on another day? No problem. Please feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment on another day by mutual agreement. Having holes shot will take about 15 minutes.

Reshooting a closed hole

Do you have a plugged hole? Then your earlobe has had a chance to grow back together. You can have your closed holes re-shot. In that case, a jeweler will shoot the hole in the exact same spot. So you can wear earrings again!

Getting a second or third hole pierced

Can’t get enough of earrings? Then consider having a second or even third hole popped. With two or three holes, you can wear unique combinations of earrings. Extra fun!

Taking care of cavities

It is essential to properly care for your cavities after shooting. So here are some tips to take care of your cavities:

  • Do not wear the earring too tightly. The backing keeps your earring in place, but does not need to be pinched to your earlobe. This allows air to reach the holes, which promotes recovery.
  • Try sleeping on your stomach or back. This way there will not be too much pressure on the holes.
  • Touch the ear holes as little as possible.
  • Clean your cavities every day, preferably twice a day. An antiseptic lotion keeps the cavities clean. Rotate the earring around when cleaning to prevent the earrings from growing tight.

Want more tips on taking care of cavities after shooting? Read our blog article on how to care for your ears after piercing.

Earrings from Minitials

After about six weeks, your ulcer buds may be taken out and you may choose other earrings. Get inspired in our webshop! Our earrings can be fully personalized with, for example, initials of your siblings or with a symbol of significance.

All your personal wishes we can engrave in gold for you. Discuss your wishes with us and we will work to make them a reality. Or come by our Flagship Store in Eindhoven to see our Minitials jewelry in real life.

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