How do I care for my ears after piercing?

Taking careful care of your ears after getting pierced is a very important part of aftercare. In fact, by taking good care of your ears, you will prevent infections and can promote the healing process.

Taking proper care of your ear holes after earring shooting will help your ears heal faster and allow you to wear your own earrings sooner. In this article, you can read more about important guidelines and tips for taking good care of your ears after getting pierced.

Earring shooting aftercare: 9 tips for promoting the healing process

If you’ve just had earrings shot, aftercare is an essential part of the healing process. In this, hygiene plays an important role. Therefore, we have listed 9 tips for you that can help you get through the healing process well.

Taking care of new ear holes? Wash your hands regularly

It goes without saying, of course, but it is important to clean your hands thoroughly before touching your ears. Before touching your ears, wash your hands with warm water and soap. Washing your hands regularly reduces the risk of transmitting bacteria to your newly shot holes.

Clean your jewelry

When you want to put new jewelry in your ear holes, it is important to clean them well beforehand. It is best to clean this jewelry with mild, unscented soap and a water solution.

Use a cotton swab to clean your jewelry. It is also wise to regularly clean the earrings placed in your ears by the jeweler. You can clean these earrings using a cotton swab and remove any dried dirt and scabs.

If you have cleaned the earrings with soap and water, it is important to remove the soap residue before replacing the earrings.

Cleaning/disinfecting earring holes

Although disinfection is very important, it is important not to over disinfect the holes in the ears. In fact, when you over-disinfect, you can slow down the healing process of your cavities.

If you do want to clean the holes, the best way to do it is with a saltwater solution. Mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and use it to dab your ears with a clean cotton swab. Do not use cotton swabs to clean the holes, this can leave behind lint and is not conducive to healing.

To twist or not to twist earrings?

Previously, it was often advised to rotate your earrings regularly, after shooting new holes. This was advised so that the earrings do not get stuck in the holes. Yet this is now really outdated and is no longer advised.

It is advisable to touch the earrings as little as possible, especially during the healing process. When you twist your earrings, it can cause micro tears in the skin. These microcracks can interfere with the healing process.

Stay away from irritants

It is important not to use hair products, lotions, perfumes or other irritants during the healing process.

If these get near your just-shot holes, they can cause irritation and inflammation. Therefore, try to use them as little as possible or cover your ears properly before use.

Keep in mind your choice of clothing

It is important to choose clothing during the healing process, which will not excessively pull or rub your ears. For example, a wool sweater can get stuck behind your earrings very quickly, which is not conducive to healing.

Can you swim if you just had earrings pierced?

During the healing process, it is important not to allow too much water and moisture near your cavities. Avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, lakes and other water places. Handy to know when taking jewellery on holiday.

It is also wise to avoid steam, saunas and steam baths. Of course you may shower, but make sure no shampoo or other soap residue is left on your ear.

When can you change earrings?

The time when you may change your earrings after piercing depends on how quickly your ears heal. Generally, it is recommended that the original stud earrings or ulcer buttons be left in place for at least six weeks.

This is the average time it takes for the ear to heal. It is important not to remove the earrings during this period so as not to disrupt the healing process. So, after how many weeks are you allowed to change earrings? The answer is after six weeks. So do you want to change your earrings after 4 weeks? If so, we do not recommend this at Minitials.

Sleeping with just-shot earrings

It is important to avoid direct pressure on your ear piercings after your holes have been shot. Consider, for example, sleeping with just-shot earrings, with your earholes resting on the pillow.

This direct pressure can cause a disruption in the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended that you lie on your back or stomach so that there is no excessive pressure on your ears.

How long to wear shoot earrings or ulcer buttons?

It is recommended that stud earrings or ulcer buttons be worn for at least six weeks after the holes are shot. This is the average time it takes for the ear to heal. It is important not to remove the earrings during this period so as not to disrupt the healing process.

After this period, the stud earrings or ulcer buttons can be replaced with other earrings. In addition to these 6 weeks, we recommend not wearing heavy earrings for at least 12 months.

How long drip after piercing holes?

After putting new holes in your ears, it is essential to take good care of them. You can do this with after piercing lotion, which you can start using 24 hours after shooting.

It is crucial to perform this process twice a day, and always with clean hands. Apply a drop of the lotion to the ear hole and gently rotate the earring. This routine should be maintained for as long as you wear the shooting earrings, which will be at least six weeks. After this six-week period, the holes have healed and you can replace the shooting earrings.

Is pain after earring shooting normal?

After shooting earrings, some pain and sensitivity is normal. This may be accompanied by momentary prickling and a slight burning sensation at the earring site. During the first few days after shooting, your ears may be a little sensitive, but this usually lasts no longer than 3 days.

However, if you notice severe pain, significant redness or swelling around the earrings, it may indicate inflammation. In that case, it is wise to seek professional advice from a general practitioner.

What to do for inflamed ear after piercing?

If your ear holes show signs of infection, it is important to consult a doctor and keep the hole well cleaned. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, pain, warmth and discharge with an unusual color or odor. Is the hole going to hurt very much? Then we recommend taking off the earring.

It is important not to experiment with creams and ointments yourself. In fact, this can make the inflammation worse, leaving you at risk of scarring. So always seek professional help in case of inflammation.

Keep in mind that each person goes through a different healing process. So it may take some people longer than others. If you don’t trust it, you can always contact the piercer or jeweler where you had the holes pierced.

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