Children's earrings

Are you looking for stylish and authentic children’s earrings? Then take a look at our wonderful range. With various, cute ear studs and earrings, you are guaranteed to find a beautiful pair of earrings for your child that she will be incredibly happy with.

Will you, for example, choose pretty hearts earrings or simplistic earrings with a personal touch? All our earrings can be personalised with a choice of various colours of gold and the addition of an initial, number or (personalised) symbol. So order new children’s earrings at Minitials.

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Gold children’s earrings by Minitials

At Minitials, you have come to the right place for gold children’s earrings. Since 2011, we have specialised in handmade gold jewellery, including earrings. For these, we use only 18-carat solid gold so you can count on the highest quality.

Gold earrings are elegant, chic and timeless, making them perfect for children who love an authentic and simplistic look. Moreover, all our earrings can be personalised so you can give a beautiful, personalised gift to your child.

For example, choose butterfly or flower earrings by adding a personalised symbol. The possibilities are endless and you decide how the earrings are made.

Personalising children’s earrings

With the option of personalising children’s earrings, the options are endless. You can design a wonderful gift for your child that will make her very happy.

Take a look at our collection and discover whether there are some nice earrings for your child. You can customise all earrings according to your child’s wishes. Decide which gold colour you would like, add an initial, number or symbol and we will work for you to make the dream jewellery come true.

With the option to add a personalised symbol, you can choose a fun symbol that your child likes. Choose a heart or rainbow, for example, and be surprised by the end result.

Earrings for babies and teenagers

Whether you are looking for baby earrings or earrings for your teenager? With us, you are sure to get your hands on the cutest pair of earrings for your child. Thanks to the possibility of personalising them, you can be sure your child will be delighted.

Choose 18-carat rose gold for your baby, for example, or go for elegant white gold if you want to surprise your teenager with a nice gift. Whatever you are looking for, with Minitials’ children’s earrings you are always assured of a wonderful gift for your child or for yourself.

Authentic and simplistic children’s earrings

With an eye for quality and attention to detail, you are sure to purchase unique earrings for your child. All our handmade gold earrings are authentic and feature a simplistic design that can be fully personalised according to your or your child’s wishes. After all, personalised gifts are more fun to receive.

At Minitials, we set ourselves apart from others by choosing the best quality. For instance, all our children’s jewellery is made of 18-carat gold with the choice of rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Choose authenticity and our range of children’s earrings.

Order new children’s earrings at Minitials today

Thanks to our wide collection of children’s earrings, all of which are personalisable, you are guaranteed to find beautiful earrings, ear pendants or ear studs for your child. Any child who has just had his holes pierced cannot be made happier than with a personalised gift. So choose jewellery with a personal touch, such as an earring with a butterfly or a heart.

All children’s earrings can be personalised with a choice of different gold colours and the possible addition of an initial, number or symbol. You can hardly make your child happier than with a gift with a personal touch, such as earrings with the first letter of her name or a personalised symbol of her favourite animal.

All our children’s earrings are handmade in the Netherlands while maintaining the highest possible quality. That is why we choose 18-carat solid gold where you can choose from yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. It is not for nothing that customers rate us with a 9.4. Choose elegance and authenticity with Minitials’ children’s earrings.


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